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rawlakot Weather Updates

Rawlakot is a sensational city located in Azad Kashmir, offering semi tropic flat area of ground due to its upward altitude. Rawlakot has considerate moist temperature all among the season between summer and winter “Autmn” and spring, terrain weather in the warmest and coldest season of the year, also snow fall during the period of winter. While, the Rawlakot climate restrain hot & moisture in summer season, while at the same time distant and cool in winter season. The temperature might be raise up as utmost 38 degree Celsius or 100 degree Fahrenheit in the midsummer season and temperature may fall down lower than -3 degree Celsius or 27 degree Fahrenheit in the winter season. Heavy snowfall accumulate in December and Jan, while at the same time fall of rain come into being for the monsoon season accumulate in July to Sep. Checkout full Rawlakot Weather information and detail on in spite of all Rawlakot Weather conditions.
Feels like: °
High 18°  Low 5°
Rawlakot Weather Forecast
Visibility km Wind km/h Dew Point °C
Humidity % Sunrise 04:07 Sunset 14:25
Moonrise ----- Moonset -----

rawlakot Weather 5 Days Forecast

Some sun
Hi 11° | Lo 2°
Hi 6° | Lo 2°
Cold with periods of rain
Hi 4° | Lo 1°
Partly sunny
Hi 6° | Lo -2°
A shower in the afternoon
Hi 8° | Lo -2°
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Hajira () Jun 15, 2017
Today is v pleasent day
Muhammad Jamil Malik (Tahi (Tatta Pani)) May 22, 2017
abbas shoukat (dhamni Rawlakot) Apr 06, 2017
so, cool and heavy rain today
sohail (Abu Dhabi (Al Dabbyia)) Mar 13, 2017
i am missing,,, March main b Snowfall hui
M. Zahid Khan (Rawalakot) Mar 09, 2017
Boht sardi ho gai ha Rawalakot main, to much rain at Rawalakot.
abid (islamabad) Feb 25, 2017
its good weather Rawlakot.
Anzar ulhaw (rawalakot) Feb 19, 2017
Its cool weather of Rawlakot, rain and snow fall at Rawlakot.
amjad arshad (rawalakot) Feb 03, 2017
Btaana rahmut at rkot
Rana Rafiq (rawalakot) Jan 31, 2017
Rawlakot ka mosama bhot suhana ha, rain at Rawlakot from last 2 days.
suban (rawalakot) Jan 31, 2017
bht thund di Rawlakot
muhammad ejaz khan ghai bunjonsa a.k (trarkhel) Jan 30, 2017
very very cool weather at gahi hill.3ft snow till
Zulkifal & zulkaif & abuzar chohan trarkhal nar (Trarkhal nar) Jan 23, 2017
This websit provid good information about weather.
anabiya (rawalakot) Jan 19, 2017
snow fall gain start at rawalakot, very lovely weather of rawalakot.
Saeed (Taxila Pk) Jan 16, 2017
18 Jan ko snowfall k chance hein kia?Mera Rawlakot ka programme ban raha hy.
Sardar sheraz jandali Rawalakot (Rawalakot jandali) Jan 04, 2017
Weather Rawlakot is awesome, like weather of Rawlakot, hope rain at Rawlakot city.
Ahmed (Lahore) Oct 02, 2016
Hi all Any update about weather now a days ??? Thnx
sheraz ahmed (rawalakot) Aug 20, 2016
good news thanks
Sardar Irfan Khan (Rawalakot) Jul 06, 2016
2nd Day of Eid Mubarak friends. weather is nice ang chance of rain
owais (Rawlakot) Jun 28, 2016
Rawlakot is not well like last week, this last ashra of Ramaan hot on some area of Pakistan.
Rawalakot () May 10, 2016
Wow! So nice weather. . Cool cool and much enjoyable. .. .
kamran (mong) Apr 17, 2016
Rawalakot weather always nicee
Abdul Rauf (Bagh Rawlakot azad kashmir) Apr 17, 2016
I always like Rawlakot summer spring weather, now a days little hot weather started in evening time, but night also cool this days.
asif rizwan (hussainkot) Apr 10, 2016
rawalakot weather always cloudy and rainy so coool
asif rizwan (hussainkot) Apr 10, 2016
rawalakot weather always cloudy and rainy so coool
sheraz ahmed (Rawalakot) Mar 30, 2016
good weather up date.thanks
sheraz ahmed (rawalakot) Mar 23, 2016
i like this information thaks
Sardar Adeel kashmiri (Banjsa) Mar 17, 2016
Too Much ruk b jaa...
Hussain (Rawlakot) Mar 14, 2016
heavy rain at Rawlakot for last 5 days, now sardi bhi bar gye ha, I hope next week will also change the weather of Rawlakot.
sohana khan (rawalakot tolipeer) Mar 12, 2016
i hate this weather
numan nadeem (khrick) (rawalakot) Mar 06, 2016
very romantic weather
Rawalakot () Feb 02, 2016
Weather is so nice today but cold wind is blowing. .
Ch.m.babar (Sharqi Bagh ajk) Jan 25, 2016
Very cold today
faizan (Rawlakot) Jan 18, 2016
In Rawlakot rain weather, many chance of more rain at Rawlakot .
Shamim kiani (Rawlakot) Jan 07, 2016
Rawlakot weather is to cold many chance of rain at Rawlakot city.
Madeeha (rawalakot) Dec 19, 2015
Nice weather
FOZIA REHMAN (kharick dilota) Dec 17, 2015
I dn,t like cold weather...............
modassar irshad (rawalqkot) Dec 09, 2015
Nice weather
Rawalakot () Dec 07, 2015
This website always shows me accurate prediction
Shamim kiani (Rawalakot) Nov 25, 2015
It means today rain fall
FOZIA REHMAN (kharick dilota) Nov 14, 2015
Muhammad Amjid (tararkhel) Nov 12, 2015
O very nice weather in kashmir
javed iqbal (rawalakot) Nov 04, 2015
very good inoformative web.easy to accessable for everyone
Hassan ali (rawalakot) Oct 26, 2015
Excellent site it gives accturate report
Irfan () Oct 25, 2015
Rain and cooling in tolipeer area.
Sadia Khan (Rawlakot) Sep 22, 2015
Roads are also not clear. I might not be able to go home for Eid. :(
CH.M.BABAR (Bagh ajk) Jul 28, 2015
Weather report and weather do not resemblance between them why .what is basic reason of weather imbalance report
M.Zubair Khan (Trarkhal) Jul 24, 2015
This is very useful website for all of us.
Ch.m.baber (Bagh ajk) Jul 23, 2015
Rainy weather increase humidity in atmosphere
Mujtaba Ali (Datote(Baglay)) Jul 20, 2015
bot a6e web side ha mujy really visit kr k khushi hvi ha... Bot se shadian hai jis waja sy hmry log barish sy tang hai...
sami (Muzaffarabad) Jun 20, 2015
Rawalakot weather is very batter then other Pakistani city some time rain in our city.
Muhammad Saghir (Thorar) Jun 12, 2015
It is rainig now in Thorar Azad Kashmir
Ali Hamza (Banjonsa) May 08, 2015
Best seas0n of year in Kashmir
Faran (Jandala) Apr 13, 2015
this website give us Accurate weather prediction....... So, if i want to go outside i used to search this website page
today is very enjoys able weather
منصور (بن جوسہ) Apr 03, 2015
آج جمعہ کا دن ہے ،،، اور آیندہ بدح تک راولاکوت میں بارش اور تیز ھواؤن کے چلنے کا امکان ھے ۔۔۔
seri khan (rawlakot) Apr 02, 2015
yar mai nay kurkuray khanay hain but due to rain i cant go outside...:(
SARDAR SOHAIL (Green town Rawalakot) Apr 01, 2015
This weather is enjoyable for married person, so enjoy, but i am unmarried. sad.
Adnan Khan (bagh) Mar 30, 2015
Very nice weather in rawlakot and bagh specially bagh weather is strt full spring winter had fully gone thank u for shair nice report here.
Hashir (rawalakot) Mar 27, 2015
it is very good website
Asad.hameed (Rawkalot azad kashmir ) Mar 16, 2015
I like the weather of Rawakot, AJK. () Mar 08, 2015
This website is beneficial to all of us due its accuracy I am satisfy with this and me Imran malik using this site daily ( BunBahk ) rawalakot
Sakhawat Shah (Mohri Furman Shah) Feb 27, 2015
A good website please also show pollution situation
faizan (rawalakot) Feb 15, 2015
its good for we people...keep it u p
Liaqatlike (Rawalakot) Feb 07, 2015
wonderful weather but nosi lgi hui ha
farhan sadozai (rawlakot(harii0 ) Feb 06, 2015
THANX Urdu wair for update forcast of Rawakot weather.
hafeez hashmi (jandala) Jan 20, 2015
Good weather website, when I need to go any ware in Pakistan, I watch weather update in this website.
Raja javaid (Rawalakot) Jan 17, 2015
Bhot pyara weather hy Rawalakot main, sardi tou khtm hi ho gyi
Hammad banjosa valley public school (rawalakot) Jan 16, 2015
your weather forecast reporting is very good.
Musa Raza (Rawalakot) Jan 07, 2015
I would like to congratulate to BBC weather news anchor Rahim Khan wedding with great man Imran khan, we can enjoy Rawalakot weather and also like the news of BBC weather anchor Rehim khan Shadi news.
Hamid (Rawalakot) Jan 05, 2015
Now a days, its cold weather in Rawalakot weather, its to dry weather in Rawalakot.
Hamad Ali (miralgala bonjosa rawalakot) Dec 25, 2014
your website reporting is very good. But some time your reporting is little bit wrong.
Imran (Rawalakot) Dec 22, 2014
Rawlakot weather is to cold, I watch BBC website for weather its is showing next few day rain will chance in Rawlakot, Rehmat ki Baris tamam Pakistan main ata kar, ameen.
sajid (bhagiana) Dec 12, 2014
utilized technology update you area with computer use.
Mansoor (mang) Nov 12, 2014
Nice weather cold of Rawlakot, now a days weather has been change at Rawlakot, some time start rain in city, specially night is to cold.
Faisal (gf) Oct 22, 2014
today weather is pleasant
Saleem (rwkt ajk mang) Oct 20, 2014
Today is nice weather of Rawlakot, and winter season has been started, and little rain is also going now.
Arslan (Rawalakot(chack)) Jul 24, 2014
Thanks for all this
m.jahangeer (rawalakot dahmni) Jul 01, 2014
thnks for weather update..................
M .Imtiaz shaheen (rawalakot) Jun 05, 2014
thanks to update us the weather report of beautiful rawalakot city
Aqsa Qammar Hijazi (Rawalakot) Jun 02, 2014
goood but sometimes forecast confuses and things get disturbed
Naseer khan (Rawlakot) May 09, 2014
Nice weather thanks for Rawlakot weathers information
zahid fzal (rawalakot) May 03, 2014
thnx for weather information i m frm (mung{rawalkot}
Naveed Anwar (Rawalakot Azad Kashmir) Apr 27, 2014
i am from Rawalakot
Sardar Altaf (Thorar Rawalakot) Apr 19, 2014
thank to launch this informative web.
m.babar () Mar 17, 2014
ajk weather is very beautiful and attractive
tahir (rawalakot) Mar 07, 2014
this web site is very informative.congrate of those who lanch this website
Rawalakot Hurnamira () Feb 25, 2014
Good web site.
M. h. khan (rawlakot poonch) Feb 10, 2014
It is an excellent informative service. Weather information is very usefull . Keep it up .
Tauseef Rashid Mughal (Sehr Pachiot Poonch A.K) Feb 07, 2014
Thanks Urdu Wire
Faris khan rairbun Rwk (rawalakot) Feb 02, 2014
I appreciate urdu wire.because the management of this is 2 good and weather focast according to rwkt weather. So I like and I hope better then day by day.
adnan khushhal (Rawalakot) Jan 09, 2014
rawalakot ka mousam ALLAH ki trf se ata krda tofa h q k yahan Bht se mosam aik he din m enjoy krne ko milty hn ayaan garments rawalakot
Iftikhar rasheed (Bangoin rawalakot A.K) Jan 06, 2014
good web site.
Iftikhar rasheed (Rawalakot bangoin) Jan 06, 2014
Best site.
nauman khawaja (rawalakot) Jan 03, 2014
rawalakot aur muzaffarabad ka distance 110 km hai aur time 4 gnty lgty hain.
Khan () Jan 02, 2014
Nice achivment.
Tariq (plandri) Dec 24, 2013
good to know about main city Rawlakot but it not shows local area forecast.
Asad Khan Sadozai (Gahi Banjosa Ak) Dec 10, 2013
Sub nay apny comments to day diay par maira ak swaal ha ap bhaioun say. k is website say information lainy k bad aap kitna mustfeed hoty han?main ya nai khta k informative nai ha par sab apna jvb zroooor daina wait rahy ga.main koi tanqeed nai kar raha bs logic or reason able answer dn (Thanks)
Yasir (Shahid) Nov 13, 2013
I wanna know friends Rawlakot Muzafferabad se kitni dour hai in kilometers and how much time it will take to get there, What precautions should i take for this journey...
sheer khan ([email protected]) Nov 13, 2013
rawalkot mostly cloudy today that's good, rawalkot veery beautyfull, weather aisa hi raha 12month tu kia bat hai,
Mohsin kiani (Parati paniola ak) Sep 12, 2013
The wheather of rwkt ajk u can always expect rain at any time u hve to take ur umberalla all the time either it is sunny.
Rehan (mang AK) Aug 19, 2013
Exact report.
iftikhar(F.G Kotli) (rawalakot) Aug 13, 2013
The great source of information nd learning about weather nd making arrangements accordingly.
salik mehmood bangoin rawalakot (rawalakot) May 18, 2013
best info
muhammad ibrahim abbasi (rawalakot) Apr 29, 2013
best web for local info.
Rabbani khan (Rawalakot) Apr 17, 2013
Very important weather report
M-Kaleem Khan (Hajira (Rakkar)) Mar 13, 2013
This website is a great source of information.
S.m.kamran khan banjonsa lake ajk (Banjonsa rawalakot) Jan 26, 2013
It is very good weather news update website i thankful to you for information hour by hour weather news
israr khan (rawalakot) Jan 23, 2013
This is vry best website and well information
Ahtsham Perviaz (Hajira ) Jan 21, 2013
its a very good website i will suggest to you please try to cover the more cities just like Bunjonsa / trarkhel /
asif iqbal (Bunjonsa) Jan 14, 2013
its a very good website i will suggest to you please try to cover the more cities just like Bunjonsa / trarkhel / Jandali / hijra / etc
KHALID MAQBOOL (Trarkhal Papynar) Dec 30, 2012
This is very good information website
Zaheed (Bagh) Dec 26, 2012
This is very best website. i open it every one hour thats best.
Babar Usman (Narowal) Dec 15, 2012
its a very good website please tell also the pollution level of all areas Babar Usman Jutt
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According to the information above , the weather of Islamabad will be normal hot with a clouds which will not cause more hotness . This year the weather of all Pakistan have been great so far . Rainfall is fulifilling peoples need as well as needs of farmers .

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Allah Pakistanio pr rehmat kare Muhammad aziz bhatti

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