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peshawar Weather Updates

Peshawar city is located in the Khyber Paktunkhuwa province of Pakistan near the Afghanistan Border. This city is also serving as the capital of KPK. The climate condition of Peshawar is semi-arid. In summer season the weather gets very warm and but winter season is pleasant. From the month of May till the end of September the climate remains very hot and the winter season starts from November and it keeps continue till March.40 °Celsius (104 °Fahrenheit) is the highest recorded temperature of Peshawar and 4 °Celsius (39 °Fahrenheit) is the lowest recorded temperature in the season of winter. 402-mm (15.8inches) is the maximum recorded data of rain fall. The rainfall usually occurs in the summer season.
Feels like: °
High 16°  Low 4°
Peshawar Weather Forecast
Visibility km Wind km/h Dew Point °C
Humidity % Sunrise 04:16 Sunset 14:33
Moonrise ----- Moonset -----

peshawar Weather 5 Days Forecast

Showers late this afternoon
Hi 14° | Lo 8°
Colder with rain
Hi 9° | Lo 7°
A little morning rain
Hi 12° | Lo 4°
Partly to mostly sunny
Hi 15° | Lo 4°
Plenty of sun
Hi 16° | Lo 3°
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zaraqkhan (peshawar) Jun 05, 2017
janzebahmad (Peshawar) Mar 28, 2017
Ajj ka mosam Peshawar main garmi sharu hoo chuki ha
waseem (Peshawar) Mar 05, 2017
Peshawar weather is awesome, spring weather always out class in Peshawar.
Najeebullah (Dargai Malakand) Jan 26, 2017
Next 10 days what about your weather
Arshad awan (Peshawar) Jan 17, 2017
Fast rain now tuesday ni8 at Peshawar.
Rahim dad khan (Peshawar) Jan 04, 2017
bbc urdu Peshawar weather kpk update, when chance of rain as par bbc urdu weather update of Peshawar.
altaf hussain (peshawar) Dec 10, 2016
To much dry and cool Peshawar weather, any chance f rain at Peshawar.
Peshawar () Jul 02, 2016
Why u giving wrong wheather report? Sometime showing clouds and rain bt n0 rain founding why? Don't give wrong report.
Sami Ullah (Peshawer) Jun 30, 2016
Yeah, It is really hot from 4 to 5 pass days in Peshawer as I came from Bajaur Agency. But, next coming days(Saturday,Sunday, and may Monday) have prediction of rain so, weather will be somewhat relax.
[email protected] (882114) Jun 29, 2016
This year your weather report totaly is wrrong why ?
ISHFAQ (peshawar) Jun 21, 2016
I am very satisfied your peshawar weather reports online ishfaq
saddam hussain (peshawar) Jun 12, 2016
all muslims brother pray for peshawar weather now a day very hot my labour brother are very in dificalt situation pray or us thanx
Tanveer hassan ([email protected]) May 19, 2016
Peshawar's temperature is about 44 deg, its like the burning of every thing around us plz dont come out from your homes unless you have the most important work to do
zulfiqar khan (Peshawar) May 12, 2016
Temperature of Peshawar is going to high, next few days many chance of to much high temperature at Peshawar.
soud (peshawar) Apr 15, 2016
Peshawar weather now hot today, but in night weather feel cool, hope next few days Peshawar weather completely change to hot summer weather.
munir (Peshawar) Mar 13, 2016
Peshawar and all KPK many rain in last few days, now today I sea the sun, love the spring weather at Peshawar.
Safi ullah Qadri (Peshawar) Mar 10, 2016
Very pleasent mosam but some defficulties. Allah knows best
Arif Khan (Peshawar) Jan 22, 2016
Peshawar weather is little cold, hope next 5 days of Peshawar weather will change and also going to finish Peshawar winter weather.
zeeshan (Peshawar) Jan 18, 2016
Peshawar weather is great last few day many rain at Peshawar.
Azhar Mehmood (Nowshera) Jan 03, 2016
Thanks to Urdu wire
imdad (Peshawar kpk) Dec 21, 2015
This time very well Peshawar weather and little cold in night after Magrib..
Muhammad Shoaib (Tangi) Nov 11, 2015
Mai Ne Ghar Mai Kam Shoru Kia Hai Allah Kare Kuch Din Barish Na Ho Warna Shadi Delay
sami ullah (peshawar) Oct 18, 2015
This is very nice, the world is connected through information. Very well for those who invent these media, because through these media
tariq khan (peshewar) Oct 07, 2015
Today the weather in Peshawar was extremely joy full and pleasant me and my friend enjoy the whole with taking the enjoyment of heavy rain in the city.
tariq khan (peshwar) Sep 14, 2015
The weather of Peshawar is hot and temperature is rising now days and its really difficult to bear this type of hot temperature.
LAL MUHAMMAD AFRIDI (peshawar ) Sep 07, 2015
salman (peshawar) Sep 05, 2015
the weather in Peshawar is getting hot after the break of some pleasant days of weather in the city and it is predicted it will remain hot until one week more.
gul amin afridi (dara adam khel) Sep 04, 2015
koi comments nahi dena jo submit kia ta uska ka kia huwa
hashmat ullah (Peshawar) Sep 02, 2015
Ur report is haze in peshawar 11:40 pm but here is thunder strom
anwer (Forecast Weather Peshawar) Aug 19, 2015
The weather of Peshawar is still hot and sunny and it is very difficult to live when you have a load Shedding on every day in such a hot and sunny weather. I just want to say the concern governments give our basic rights that the people need to live calmly.
JOSEPH SHAHEEN (Peshawar) Aug 19, 2015
It is too hot now a days in Peshawar but all the weathers are the blessings of GOD
RAHMAT SAID (Peshawar ) Aug 12, 2015
please show Peshawar next five days weather update on my mobile.
shehryar babar (peshawar) Aug 09, 2015
Today it rained heavily in peshawar. I saw a lot of flood water passing in the khwarr beneath phase 4 pul in hayatabad
Waqas (Peshawar) Aug 04, 2015
The weather of Peshawar is totally unpredictable it always shown the predict has do opposite in the city.
sami khan (Peshawar) Aug 01, 2015
Its again rain start in Peshawar.
afzal (Peshawar) Jul 29, 2015
The weather of peshawar getting hot again after the raining weather has come to end now .
khalil (Peshawar) Jul 16, 2015
There is a warning of flood in the dames of Peshawar and it is very dangerous for the city I think government must have to take safety measure before the flood to save the many important lifes.
mazhar (peshawar) Jul 16, 2015
Allah hum sub per reham karay. Aaj Peshawar ka Bohat garm mosam hy.
Muhammad Salman (peshawar) Jul 15, 2015
peshawar weathet good but today is very hot, may Allah grant us Rehmat rains. AMEEN
Rahmat Said (Peshawar) Jul 13, 2015
Last week to much rain at Peshawar, this week weather is batter then last week.
Peshawar (146328146) Jul 01, 2015
Peshawar weather is very nice
Azhar Mehmood (Pabbi) Jun 30, 2015
Thanks to urdu wire
Zakir ullah (peshawar) Jun 20, 2015
The weather is very hot. It is very difficult to live when you have a load Shedding on every day basis about more than 12 hours a day.
Hamza (Peshawer) Jun 04, 2015
The weather of Peshawar is still hot and sunny and it is very difficult to live when you have a load Shedding on every day basis about more than 12 hours a day. I just want to say the concern governments give our basic rights and If you do not then do not ask us for the bills.
ilyas khan (mardan city) May 09, 2015
mardan and peshawar weather are same mardan weather is now hot
waheed ullah (nowshera pabbi) Apr 29, 2015
thanks 2 urdu waire
Danish (Peshwer) Apr 29, 2015
It is again prediction in Karachi for Nilofar. Peshawar again felt jerks of earthquake. What is happening in the world? Nepal damaged due to big earthquake.Allah please save us from big disasaters we can not tolerate more souls and property to see them destroy.
Yasir (Peshwer) Apr 28, 2015
The weather of Pakistan is not good. Peshawar got storm with heavily rains. While Sindh is burning and lack of water. Punjab is normal in this weather but electricity is a big issue of Punjab. So finally we can say that over all Pakistan’s atmosphere is not good.
Umair (Peshawar) Apr 01, 2015
Peshawar temperature is not so high as in Karachi. They are in peace while Karachi is burning due to lots of hotness. Daily we observe more than 35 degree plus temperature in Karachi.
Sharjeel Khan (Peshwar) Mar 28, 2015
The weather is going very hot day by day. I found Peshawar temperature in in next 5 days. Hope full next days weather will to hot and rainy in Peshwer city.
syed karamat shah (peshawer akbarpura) Mar 08, 2015
Main ALLAH TALLA se DOA karta ho ka WO ye apni rehmat Jo zahmat ban rahi hai is ko tam da qk bht sare ghareeb log Jo kache makano me rehte hai WO be chut hojainge un k kmzor chut ger jainge ALLAH TAALA HUM SUB KO APNI HEFZO AMMAN ME RAKIE AAMEEN AP SUB LOG B DOA KARE
syed karamat shah (peshawer akbarpura) Mar 07, 2015
Main ALLAH TALLA se DOA karta ho ka WO ye apni rehmat Jo zahmat ban rahi hai is ko tam da qk bht sare ghareeb log Jo kache makano me rehte hai WO be chut hojainge un k kmzor chut ger jainge ALLAH TAALA HUM SUB KO APNI HEFZO AMMAN ME RAKIE AAMEEN AP SUB LOG B DOA KARE
(Peshawar) Mar 01, 2015
We cook pulaww who are you?
Munir Dar (Arifwala) Feb 26, 2015
This coldness we can tolerate in Peshawar but more than 9 degree we cannot survive as we have been survived in December or January. Now we want some hot weather in Peshawar. I was thinking that winter season has died but again it came back in Peshawar and across Pakistan.
peshawer () Feb 19, 2015
f anyone cook pulaaww today plz invite me.tnx.
Naveed Khan (Peshawar) Jan 28, 2015
The weather of Peshawar is just awesome nowadays. Here neither too much coldness nor hotness in a weather. Clouds covered the sky and sun light. Well it is weather to go outside.
Khalid (Peshawar) Jan 23, 2015
very nice and great information about next 5 days weather in Peshawar city.
Haider Khan (Peshwar) Jan 16, 2015
Today's low temperature of Peshawar is 4 celcius. I shocked as this is very low temperature in Peshawar. I cannot come out from blanket as the weather is very cold. Waiting for some miracle that the temperatures raise!
Danish (Peshawar) Jan 06, 2015
In northern area and also in Punjab, there is heavy fog due to a lot of coldness. Well we should travel on heavy vehicles in this weather. I had to go from Peshawar to Islamabad on motorway but i cancelled my program due to heavy fog on roads of Peshawar.
M.Israr (peshawar) Dec 22, 2014
Heavy fog in city of Peshawar weather, and also in very cold and also we are facing Sui Gas short problem in city of Peshawar.
Mumtaz Khan (Peshwar) Dec 09, 2014
It has not been raining in Peshawar for a long long time. May Allah rain in Peshwar and change all over the KPK weather Pakistan. My friend lives in Karachi he told me that about Karachi weather is drying because there is not raining so pray to Allah that let he bless us with rain.
Ziafat (Peshawar) Aug 05, 2014
Peshawar is most popular city for a moonsoon rain inshahAllah Today is Expected a rain
Saghir Khan (peshawar) Jul 14, 2014
now today is very hot day in Peshawar weather, rain wants to in Peshawar lakin hamara aamal acha nahi han, May Allah rain in Peshwar and all over KPK and Pakistan. what is future fore cast in Peshwar temperature
Farah (Peshawar) Jul 04, 2014
Barish ka ilm sirf Allah kaiy pas hein
najeeb shafi (charsadda) Mar 28, 2014
Our city wether charsadda weather all over the years great, I love my city charsadda weather, i thanks to Urduwire who provide great update of charsadda weathers
Muddasir mohmand gagizy (Peshawar) Jan 07, 2014
Muddasir mohmand wae Che Allah de da Khyr baran wake Ameen!
aliya (peshawar) Dec 19, 2013
hot hot in winter
Tahir (Karachi) Nov 13, 2013
hi i live in Karachi never been to Peshawar, now i have time to go but it seems that its too cold in Peshawar, that why i have postponed to go there , Inshallah I will go in summer season
basit ([email protected]) Nov 13, 2013
ya qurban, ya Allah Pishawar par apna khas karam kar ajj kal wahan k halat bohat nasaz hain aur weather tu bohat thanda thanda cool cool hoga ajj kal enjoy it peshawrio,i like it peshawar wahan ka kawa yad agaya ahaha kia bat hai.
shahzaib khan (peshawar) Nov 12, 2013
KPK aur peshawar kay haalat thik nahi hay warna main zaroor visit karta peshawar ka but anyway how about weather in peshawar?
Shah's Family (Peshawar) Jul 21, 2013
Ya Allah Hamary Rozy Qabool Farma.Aur Peshawar Par khair Aur Rehmat ki Barish kar.Aur Hamary jitny musalman bhai aur behan hain unky jaiz Zarorat aur khaish sath Hamary family k pury kar.AAMEEN YA RABBAL AAMEEN.
arif (pesh) Jun 27, 2013
great thing to view the site
dawood khan (peshawar) Jun 18, 2013
it is a good site for whether.
laiba (peshawar) Jun 14, 2013
yr bht garmi hai ALLAH karein kher ki baarish ho jaye AAMEEN
Dilawar (Peshawar) May 08, 2013
Assalamo alaikum sir. i liked your effort really much. Your website is quite informative and exciting.keep it up.
Shams (Peshawar) Mar 31, 2013
kindly correct the timings of sunset and sun rise on your site
Munib khan (peshawar) Mar 13, 2013
i like winter to day cloud come in peshawar and rain started 13/03/2013
haroon (peshawar) Mar 07, 2013
peshawar is the best city,the weather of winter is very good and summer season so bad i dont like summer. i enjoy jst 3 months in peshawar nov to jan,and also njy rain in winter season.......haroon pesh
adil akber (peshawar) Jun 17, 2012
best city in the world is Peshawar
mujeeb (Hyderabad) May 10, 2012
Peshawar weather is very good in winter but extremely bad in summer season.. I usually go for Pakistan tour in vacation.. I think during October- January, Peshawar has pleasant weather that's why I go there at that time with my friends or family.. Last year, I go there in the end of summer, throughout October- December and I really enjoyed… Mujeeb from Hyderabad...
Bakhtiar Agha (peshawar) Apr 25, 2012
very informative
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According to the information above , the weather of Islamabad will be normal hot with a clouds which will not cause more hotness . This year the weather of all Pakistan have been great so far . Rainfall is fulifilling peoples need as well as needs of farmers .

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