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multan Weather Updates

According to population size, Multan is the seventh largest city of Pakistan. It is located in the Multan District, Province of Punjab. This city has also a history of great Sufi’s and saints. A large number of sufi saints and shrines are located in Multan that’s why this city is also known as city of City of Sufis or City of Saints and Madinat-ul-Auliya. The first poet of Punjabi language Baba Fareed Ganj Shakar was also born in Multan. Multan is also famous for its crops wheat, cotton, sugar cane, mangoes, citrus, guavas, and pomegranates. The climate condition of Multan is usually very dry. The weather of Multan in summer season remains very hot and in winter it gets very frosty. According to data the highest recorded temperature of Multan is approximately 54°C (129 °F) and the lowest documented temperature is approximately -1 °C (30 °F). The average rainfall is around 186 millimeters (7.3 in). Occurrence of dust storm is also very common in Multan city.
Feels like: 39°
High 38°  Low 29°
Multan Weather Forecast
4:00 AM 27°C
5:00 AM 29°C
6:00 AM 29°C
Visibility 5 km Wind 11 km/h Dew Point 25 °C
Humidity 58% Sunrise 05:16 Sunset 19:19
Moonrise ----- Moonset -----

multan Weather 5 Days Forecast

Hi 43° | Lo 32°
Hi 42° | Lo 29°
Hi 38° | Lo 29°
Partly sunny
Hi 38° | Lo 30°
Partly sunny
Hi 40° | Lo 31°
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M Nadeem aheer pardasi ((Multan ) chah gulabe wala raja por 5 marla ) Jun 23, 2016
Multan walon ko pta ni kis gunah ki saza mil rahi ha k badlon na to kab ka dara dala hua ha par mehrban ho hi nai rahay
Multan () Jun 22, 2016
Aj to mosam thek ha kal kaisa ho ga !nadeem aheer
amjad ameen ansari (multan ) Jun 18, 2016
I listen rain fore cast at Multan, please also provide next month weather update at Multan.
Nasir ali (Arouti Multan) Jun 16, 2016
Multan walo Allah sy barish ki dua mango...
QASIR RANJHA (Layyah) Jun 14, 2016
Bhot grami hy.
Muzammil sadiq (Multan) Jun 11, 2016
Aj multan ka mosam bahot acha hy
Umar Daraz Nunari (Multan) May 30, 2016
Barish Ka kb tak imkan hy.
saleem (Multan) May 19, 2016
today Multan temperature is 45, today is most hot day in Mutan this summer weather.
sohail khan (Multan) May 12, 2016
Multan Weather is so hot now a days but after some days weather will better Inshallah Sohail Multan
Rizwan (Multan) Apr 21, 2016
Summer weather started at Mutsn, whets a Multan weather is now hot,
akbar (Multan) Apr 21, 2016
very hot weather Multan has been started now a days, but night time Multan temperature so fine.
sami (Multan Pakistan) Mar 25, 2016
Multan weather going to hot now days, summer weather of Multan is started.
tariq (Multan) Mar 14, 2016
Last 4 days rain at Multan, and now bay bay winter weather of Multan, I want to know Multan weather update in next 3 days.
Ali sohail (Multan ) Mar 10, 2016
today Multan weather is good, look like rain chance today at Multan city.
It is lovely weather today
Zafar (Multan) Mar 09, 2016
Though day was somewhat hot but at night it is very pleasant
malik rizwan (Multan) Feb 26, 2016
Last day I feel little hot day at Multan, but night time also now a days feeling cold weather in multan.
rida (multan) Jan 28, 2016
plz tell me multan weather
kashif (MULTAN ) Jan 25, 2016
Its very cold Multan weather and there in no sui gas also facing problem of load shading, now a days we all are using wood fire for making cook food.
danish (multan) Jan 20, 2016
Multan weather is to cool now a days, but Multan weather day by day change.
Amir Khan (Multan) Dec 06, 2015
Hot sunny Daytime and Cold in Night, its weather update of multan's winter.
Amir Khan (multan) Nov 23, 2015
2day weather is Fine.
Malik hazoor (Sibi) Oct 25, 2015
Kia bat hy
Abdul Rafey Jamil (Karachi) Aug 23, 2015
The temperature of Multan is 36, weather of multan is very lovely and it was drizzling yesterday. Tomorrow wil be mostly sunny day.
zeeshan (Multan) Aug 20, 2015
The weather forecast for Multan and all over country remain same. Some where part of the country there will be rain in the upper areas of Pakistan like some city of Punjab and KPK.
mumtaz hussain (multan) Aug 16, 2015
Good wathar software
Aqib Javed (Multan) Aug 11, 2015
LAst night Multan weather was awesome, this weather is very lovely, we feel like to go from Multan in Muree.
Shazia (Multan) Aug 11, 2015
Hi guys my name is shazia I like multan weather because the people and weather of Multan is very polite.
() Aug 07, 2015
Jamal Ahmad Marral Basti malook main ab barish ajay
Jamal Ahmad Marral (Basti Malook) Aug 07, 2015
Basti malook main ab barish ajay
m.aftab (Multan) Aug 03, 2015
Multan weather has been over all changed is last few year, Mosam ki shidat shadeed sa shadeed ho gye ha.
shamshair khan marral (basti malook near by Multan) Jul 31, 2015
Please Gud stop the rain Now its not better for farmers............,!
bilal (Multan) Jul 31, 2015
Aam tor par Multan weather in dino bhot hot hota ha, but now these days very good weather in Multan.
ayesha (multan) Jul 28, 2015
hi me ayesha and how r u prey for weather looking so nice
zhoob (Multan) Jul 28, 2015
Multan weather is good, we like Multan city weather.
Imran (Multan) Jul 27, 2015
I want to update Multan weather Urdu Wire update in my mobile phone every time, because this website weather is very reliable.
jamal ahmad marral (basti malook) Jul 23, 2015
Ya Allah barish ata frma basti malook main jamal ahmad marral
Prince A D (dunyapur Punjab ) Jul 21, 2015
grmi bohat ha badil aaty hain aur chaly jaty hain
M zeshan meyo (Kheror pakka) Jul 18, 2015
Ipml jion because save pak jeway muhajar pervez musraf i inclued me apml thank u
khubaib (multan) Jul 16, 2015
ists good
khubaib (multan) Jul 16, 2015
ists good
rana hanif shujabad (shujabad) Jul 07, 2015
Allah ka shukar ha k rain ho gi ha
akhtar jee () Jul 06, 2015
Boht barish i he multan shareef me or is time 8.30 pr halki boonda baadi or thandi cool cool hawa chal gai he
rai amjad (multan) Jul 06, 2015
jab gunha ziada hon tab allah ki rehmat nahain barasti ok
naeem (multan) Jul 03, 2015
Hot weather has been started at Multan Sharif.
Khuram Shehzad Lohanch (Layyah) Jun 27, 2015
Asslam_0_Aliakum! In Layyah daily weather change and some wind also blow...................................................................................... Today very very hot weather in Layyah
yaseen joiya (multan) Jun 22, 2015
Kabhi kabhi rain ho gati ha Multan main.
Multan (Amna fayyaz) Jun 20, 2015
Today is very very hot in multan. I can't bear this hotness, May Allah blessed us with the rain!
Nasim (Mutan) Jun 09, 2015
It is to hot weather in Multan, Please share the information about next five day weather in Multan Punjab.
Qasim (Multan Weather) May 25, 2015
It is very hot weather in Multan and all over the Pakistan and facing problem of Water.
Kamran (Multan) May 20, 2015
Its to much Hot days in Multan city, May Allah rain in Multan, and healthy Multan weather for peoples.
Zahid ali (Multan) Apr 30, 2015
last week awesome weather was in Multan city, but now hot weather has been start in Multan and near all multan city, hope full next week rain chance in Multan.
bahadar.khan (multan) Apr 27, 2015
Ya Allah birsh ata farma dan, Multan weather kafi tabdeel ho gya ha.
Sabhi (Multan) Apr 13, 2015
We stay in whole the day so we can not realize the real temperature of Multan but when we search the temperature of Multan here on so we realize that how was the day hot in Multan. The people of Multan can just take bath in their washroom as we do not have seaside like Karachi people.
Urwa (Multan Temperature) Apr 02, 2015
We stay in office whole the day so we can not realize the real temperature of Multan but when I searched about it so on we could not imagine the temperature of Multan.
Tanveer (Multan) Mar 31, 2015
The current weather updates of Multan is not available, i want to know the current temperature of Multan. But there was only high and low temperature of Multan. So please update the current temperature that what is at this time the temperature of Multan.
Ansar (Lodhran) Mar 15, 2015
Gud news h,is bar to barish ka to koi imkan ni h.
Kamran (Weather Multan) Mar 11, 2015
Nowadays very normal weather in Multan but here is weather updates of Multan is not available so please update us with latest weather news.
Amin (Multan) Feb 12, 2015
Cold weather season has been finished now across Pakistan. This is spring is season going on. March will be hot month as the weather institute has announced.
Yasir (Multan) Feb 01, 2015
Hi to all, outclass weather of Multan, we all can enjoy this winter Multan weather,
Kamran (Multan) Jan 28, 2015
Multan is a city of saint so Baba Ji please do favor on us, a much time has gone and we have not enjoyed in cold rain. Temperature is also cold but it is not raining here.
Faheem chattha (Multan) Dec 30, 2014
To Much cold Day in Multan city, Multan weather is also dry and we also are facing problem in Sui Gas load shading, I request to concern please do not stop Gas in Winter season.
AZAM (MULTAN) Dec 30, 2014
What is the chance of rain in Multan and Layya, I am from Chowk Azam, its to cold weather days in our city but also facing problem due to fog.
Murtaza (Multan) Dec 28, 2014
Today'weather of Multan is better than yesterday. Today temperature is moderate but yesterday it was very cold temperature. I do not like cold weather but only surviving in cold weather and I am waiting for summer season.
rao bashir (Multan) Dec 23, 2014
very informative about Multan and all over the Pakistan weather news.
Salman (Multan) Dec 16, 2014
Multan Weather is day by day cold, and city of Multan temperature going to low next few days Multan Weather more cold and temperature more low, May Allah rain in Multan for Baise Rehmat.
Qasim (Multan) Dec 08, 2014
Now days its cold weather days start in city of Multan, I like this days weather in Multan and Punjab, its not a rather cold or hot days really enjoy this weather but after few days Multan weather could be changed.
altafsabir nonary (adda balochan mattital road multan) Aug 15, 2014
Us waqat Multan our iss key errd gerd badal chay hovy hain Larkin internet per mosam sooraj key sath saff dekhaia ja rehab hy
Nadeem Haider Baloch . (D G Khan) Aug 06, 2014
I love d g khan .
Aamir Mughal (Multan) Jul 23, 2014
Allaha Pak baraishe ah jae multan main b.(ameen)
Yousuf (multan) Jul 13, 2014
every one know about hot weather in Multan city now days, and we are also facing heavy load shading in Multna and shuja abad, any one know what is the future for cast of rain at Multan
Amir (Lahore) May 05, 2014
The weather of Multan is looking hot. Some of my my class people declare them Multani. I have listened from a person that Multan also becomes hot just as other cities. By the way Multan is a famous city of Pakistan.
Saleem Badar (Multan) May 05, 2014
I like weather of Multan in Winter but now a day it is looking very hot weather. I come to know about Multan this year maximum temperature would be in Multan near 55 C and also to much Rain accepted at Multan Sharif
Danish (Lahore) Apr 14, 2014
I live in Lahore but I have listened that Multan is a hot city and the temperature 34° is also showing this. I think my friend also told me that the temperature of Multan rises to about 52° in the intense hot and that is a very high temperature shoeing the intense hot weather of Multan.
Rahim U din (Multan) Apr 10, 2014
The Multan is the name of Hotest city of Pakistan, In summer May June and month of July Hot es days of Multan city. I can not leave in Multan in summer seasons weather. summer seasons I shift from Multan to Islamabad
Uzair Jan (multan) Apr 05, 2014
The name of Multan is hot weather, above 50 C temperature at Multan and near Multan citys in Summer seasons, now winter is going to end at Multan and Muzzafar Garh City
m sadeeq (multan) Feb 05, 2014
ya allah khair ki barash atta frma
Amaan ( Nov 12, 2013
good category for weather detail, multan good city waisay tu multan ka weather bohat hot rehta hai aur winter mai shaded sardi bhi hoti hai mera kbhi jana nahi hoa lakin multan ka famous halwa zaror khaya hai yummi hai,
Zubair khan (Kabirwala(khattichor)) Aug 06, 2013
Yah Allah rahmat ke barish daina
Akash saim (Multan) Jul 30, 2013
Aye kHUDA PAK garmi ka zoor tor dy or hmary gunah maaf frma or hamin apny naik bandon k rasty py chala dy ameen
Akash saim (Multan) Jul 25, 2013
abdulwahab (mux) Jul 24, 2013
Smoky and a part of little bit thunderstorm
Malik Yaseen (Multan) Jun 24, 2013
multan main garmi friday tk kam ho gay gi , aur monday c barish ho gi inshahallah .
adnan (multan) May 18, 2013
Allah karay ke multan mein garmi khatam ho jae or barish ho Ameen.
Asghar Raza Gardezi (Multan) Mar 22, 2013
it is chilled out there ..... in the depth of march this up and down of temperature is harmful for crops ..... specially mango orchords
Muhammad ARIF (Qasbah Gujrat) Feb 22, 2013
Aj Qasbah Gujrat mein Zaber Dast Barish Ho Rahi hai
afaq ahmad (multan) Feb 10, 2013
allah pak hamary mulk ko salamat rakhy ameen
M Yousuf Wahla (Multan) Jan 24, 2013
Khanewal(district) is also nearest city(50 km away from multan)pl add,weather forecast should also be given for khanewal
irfan malik (multan) Jan 05, 2013
wao kia mosam ha multan ka asa mosam multan k peopels k liay best weather season ho ga.multan aik beautifull city ha yeh Sufiyun ki sir zameen ha.
Humayun 03087400006 () Dec 13, 2012
Ya Allah apna karam krna sub par ameen
saif ali (Khanewal) Dec 13, 2012
please added the weather of khanewal
kaleem (multan) Oct 04, 2012
Multan is hotest city in pakistan bt nw a days multan weather is vry beautiful..i like it..specially in nov..
imran khan (multan) Sep 09, 2012
rainy season going on in multan.
Muhammad Sheraz (Multan) Sep 08, 2012
ay allah pak karram krein un ghreebon pe jin k mkaan kuchay hein .... Villager's Bechary ....
faheem malik (multan) Sep 02, 2012
ALLAH pak multan ka weather thanda kar do
farhan (faisalabad gr8 city) Aug 23, 2012
Multan ka weather intehai garam hota hot
ejaz (Multan) Aug 09, 2012
Sb log dua karen k multan ka mosam thanda ho jay plz
Allah apna kram frmai Ameen.
farhan (multan) Jul 21, 2012
Allah kre aj phir multan main rain ho ameen. razan mubarak
Asad Beg (Multan) Jul 16, 2012
Also mention the expected time of rain in weather forecast. Thanks.
hafeez (multan) Jul 05, 2012
aj multan ka mosam bohut acha hai
Rafay khan (Multan) May 20, 2012
multan mai bohat garmi hoti ha mager gulab ko dykhney ka maza tu us k mosam ma hi ata hy wl cm to multam .Form Rafay khan
shoaib (karachi) May 11, 2012
Multan is the city of Sufis... I really love Multan especially the Multani Halva which is very popular in Pakistan, always admire me. I usually visit Multan city in every November coz of good weather.. Don’t go in these seasons like May, June or extremely hot in these seasons at Multan
saman (karachi) Apr 16, 2012
this category is good for daily weather report..
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