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lahore Weather Updates

Lahore is one of the famous city of Punjab Province of Pakistan and also the capital of Punjab Province. Lahore is also famous for its historical background of Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Era. This city has a large number of populations. Lahore is also well known for its Educational Institutes, Food, Restaurants and Hotels. The climate condition of Lahore is usually warm. In summer the climate get extremely hot and warm. The highest recorded temperature is 50 Celsius (122 Fahrenheit) during summer and in winter the lowest recorded temperature is -1 Celsius (30 Fahrenheit). The utmost recorded rainfall within 24 hours in the months of July and August is 221 mm, 8.7 inches.
Feels like: °
High 14°  Low 4°
Lahore Weather Forecast
Visibility km Wind km/h Dew Point °C
Humidity % Sunrise 04:00 Sunset 14:27
Moonrise ----- Moonset -----

lahore Weather 5 Days Forecast

Cool with clouds
Hi 14° | Lo 11°
Cool with rain
Hi 11° | Lo 11°
Areas of low clouds
Hi 12° | Lo 9°
Cool with clouds
Hi 12° | Lo 7°
Cool with some sun
Hi 12° | Lo 6°
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Mani (Lahore) Sep 09, 2017
The weather of Lahore is expected to be hot and warm in upcoming three 3 OR four 4 days . So peoples should be careful because hot weather is spreading some harmful diseases which may cause serious damages . So take safety and careful tips to face this hot weather .
Tamoor Khan (Lahore) Feb 14, 2017
Itni jaldi winter khatam :/
Lahore () Feb 14, 2017
It looks like summer is coming to Lhr early :/
Zia A. Bhutta (lahore) Jan 28, 2017
pls give CORRECT sunset and sunrise timings
amjad ali () Jan 27, 2017
Rohi nala bohat kharab he
usman abid (lahore) Jan 26, 2017
what is the chance of more rain at lahore in next week, now temperature of Lahore is good, weather lahore is awesome.
Sadiq Rasheed (Lahore) Jan 26, 2017
Lahore ka mosam kab tak change hoo ga, Lahore weather is cool, I like this cold Lahore weather.
M.naeem (Lahore) Jan 25, 2017
To much rain at Lahore last night, Lahore weather update next 5 days.
Tammor khan (Lahore) Jan 23, 2017
Lahore main mosam acha ha, Lahore main barish ka kya imkan ha
Hassan iqbal (lahore) Jan 22, 2017
today Lahore temperature in 7 now, we enjoy Lahore weather, hope next 2 days Lahore temperature more down.
Iqbal (Lahore) Jan 19, 2017
Weather Lahore is cool and dry, last 2 days little rain at Lahore. temperature of Lahore also low day by day.
Kamran (Lahore) Jan 15, 2017
On Sunday it was so cold weather in Lahore. The average temperature is seven degrees but we felt more than it. I was expecting that may be it was five degrees. But after rain in Lahore the temperature will become decrease more. Lahore is a heart of Punjab and people of Lahore are cheerful and we are enjoying cold weather of Lahore with Pakore and Samosey.
danish (Lahore) Jan 11, 2017
Weather Lahore is awesome, after rain at Lahore very long time, but abhi bhi Lahore main khul kar barish nahi hoe ha.
SAAD (LAHORE) Jan 04, 2017
Zia Bhutta () Jan 03, 2017
sunrise and sunset timings are NOT corrrect
zia ahmad bhutta (lahore) Jan 02, 2017
your sunrise and sunset ti mings are correct
furrukh ejaz (lahore) Dec 24, 2016
Monday ko mosam theak ho ga
zeeshan (Lahore) Dec 04, 2016
huge fog at Lahore, I like Lahore weather but lahore peoples face many problem of fog, hope after few days fog will finish at Lahore.
Umair (Lahore) Nov 02, 2016
Lahore fog is extremely high and also temperature going to low day by day, what is next 5 days rain chance at Lahore.
sohaib (lahore) Nov 02, 2016
bad weather dusty weather
raghib qadeer (khanewal) Oct 25, 2016
today change the weather
Shahrukh (Lahore) Oct 06, 2016
The weather in Lahore is very hot nowadays, it is very hard to survive in hot weather, in up coming week weather will become awesome IN SHA ALLAH.
nida (lahore) Sep 27, 2016
Lahore main kab barish ho giiiiii
Zark (Lahore) Sep 20, 2016
After Eid Ul Azha, the weather of Lahore becomes awesome and it is raining after every 1 or 2 hours i really enjoy this weather.
Shoaib (Lahore) Sep 14, 2016
its Lahore weather is awesome in Eid holidays.
Mateen (Lahore) Aug 29, 2016
Lahore weather is great and to much rain at Lahore.
azaan ijaz (lahore) Jul 26, 2016
rainfall is predicted tomorrow.
rao zeeshan (Lahore) Jul 22, 2016
what is rain for caste for next week at Lahore city.
faheem (Lahore) Jul 12, 2016
rain fore caste at Lahore today, what is next week rain fore cast of lahore, because we have to go some ware from Lahore.
makhdoom abrar ahmad (llahore) Jul 03, 2016
2 day is coolest day of ramadan at lahore weather. thanks to Allah.
[email protected] (Lahore) Jul 02, 2016
Lahori kukkaarr,
Rasheed Ahmad Siddiqui (Lahore) Jul 02, 2016
Aj main iftari kara raha hon open air main Allah khair karay sham ko mosam acha rahay.
afzaal (loh) Jul 02, 2016
i like this seasen
saeed (Lahore) Jul 01, 2016
Lahore rain start from Monday, hope eid holidays many rain chance at lahore and all over the Punjab.
kashif (lahore cantt) Jun 25, 2016
ALLAH khair kery Pakistan per bhoht garmi hai yr Lahore me
Zoha(lahore) (Lahore) Jun 20, 2016
Boht grmi h yr aj Lahore main lkin kuch umeed h k thori dr m mosam acha ho jya g
waqar (lahore) Jun 19, 2016
rain at Lahore yesterday, but today again weather of Lahore is hot and also temperature high day by day.
Malik parvaz (lahore) Jun 10, 2016
Its great weather at Lahore month of Ramazan, Allah pura Pakistan ka weather acha kar day ramzanka moth main.
m.idrees (burewala) Jun 10, 2016
it is veryhot today in burewala
Summer is started now and yet JUNE & JULY is coming so, get ready to come , be careful and alert. Take care and stay blessed
irfann (lahore ) May 15, 2016
hot days you like watermalon
kaleemullah (lahore) Apr 27, 2016
sunday is very hooooot kabuter baz kiya zara bach kar////
Sajid (Sukheki Lahore) Apr 15, 2016
Summer weather started at lahore, feel hot in morning and evening time but in night weather feel cool.
saleem dogar (Lahore) Mar 17, 2016
Lahore weather now changed, awesome spring weather has been started at Lahore, last week heavy rain at Lahore.
danish (lahore) Mar 11, 2016
rain at Lahore, to nice weather at Lahore.
faraz (Lahore) Mar 02, 2016
Lahore spring weather is so nice, little fly the kites now a days, but we can not make basand at Lahore.
tariq (Lahore) Feb 22, 2016
Lahore is a beautiful city and the weather of Lahore is also great like always. Here it rains but some my friends who lives in Karachi they told me that Karachi has become dry and dirty as well. Here it does not rain even they are in wait for rain in Karachi but the predictions of rain in Karachi is still very far away.
S.sibghat ullah (Karachi) Feb 17, 2016
Lahore darmina musum hi maza aiga
atif (lahore) Feb 10, 2016
Aaj mosam buhat acha ha
naveed (fasialabad) Jan 21, 2016
ay Allah kareem to apni rehamat atta kar
Khalid (Lahore) Dec 08, 2015
Today the weather of Lahore is very good and expected rains today in Lahore, today is samosa, pakoray and food day.
rizwan (lahore) Oct 27, 2015
Today the weather of Lahore is good but a little bit hot and it rains daily in Lahore, in the rainy weather peoples make different types of foods like samosa, pakoray.
usman (Lahore Weather Update) Oct 19, 2015
The weather of Lahore is too much good today, it is raining heavily in Lahore today temperature is 26 in Lahore, and I enjoying very much in Lahore.
yaseen (Lahore) Oct 05, 2015
The weather in Lahore is about 33 degree centigrade and the sky is mostly sunny. I am amazed it is still hot in the month of October.
obaid (Lahore) Oct 03, 2015
The weather of Lahore is too much hot for last 3 days, I am now fed up with this weather, but it is very hard to live with these types of weathers.
wasiq (lahore) Sep 30, 2015
The weather of Lahore for last 3 days was very hot, peoples are facing many problems because of these types of weather.
rahim (lahore) Sep 23, 2015
I was listening the Lahore Weather news in the morning that the temperature in lahore will remain little hot for some days and it will above 32 centigrade and the weather in Lahore is opposite there is cloudy sky and very pleasant weather.
Abdul haleem (olakh ottar kasur) Sep 17, 2015
weather is very good in lahore but political weather is very stormy in lahore but strikers are very devoted to their rights specially contract employees for to be regularised in near future.
tariq (lahore) Sep 14, 2015
The weather of Lahore is really good and it is fore castes here that it will be rain here in few days, and I really like the rainy weather.
waseem (Lahore) Sep 02, 2015
Today, the weather of Lahore is very hot, many peoples are at homes, they cannot go outside for any work, it is very hard to face these types of weather.
Rana Asif Rana (lahore) Aug 27, 2015
I Like this side
zulfiqar (Lahore) Aug 27, 2015
Today is awesome weather in Lahore, it was raining in me and my friends was enjoying very much, but peoples faces many problems who are not there homes.
aqib (Lahore weather) Aug 25, 2015
Today the weather in Lahore was extremely joy full and pleasant me and my friend enjoy the whole with taking the enjoyment of heavy rain in the city.
ashfaq (lahore) Aug 14, 2015
Lahore weather and also very good load shading situation in Lahore this year.
hurain (Lahore punjab) Aug 07, 2015
What is next 15 days Lahore city weather update about rain at Lahore.
Hurain (Punjab) Aug 06, 2015
The weather in all over Punjab is getting hot again the temperature is recorded yesterday about more than 33 degree centigardes in may citries of Punjab
Obaid (Lahore Weather Update) Jul 10, 2015
today is the hottest day of year in the Lahore and other near cities the temperature was recorded about 45 degree centigrade in all of these cities of Punjab.
sadaf (Lahore) Jul 06, 2015
The temperature in Lahore is getting very better here in Lahore now the temperature in Lahore is about 37 degree centigrades which is not a bad temperature at all in the month of july.
shahid khan (lahore) Jul 02, 2015
your system are very good for weather forcast, I like this weather update website.
muhammadriaz (lahore) Jun 18, 2015
so hot weather in Lahore, also facing problem in load shading, during aftar and sehri time, last week was great weather in Lahore.
aqib (Lahore) Jun 16, 2015
There is heavy rain in the different areas of Lahore which make the weather pleasant and enjoy full the people come out from their home and get enjoying this rainy weather.
ARSLAN (kasur) Jun 11, 2015
Allah ka shukar ha bhot hi acha mossam ha is sa Lahore main, or aksar barsat bhi ho gate ha.
Imran (Lahore) Jun 11, 2015
There heavy storm of wind in Lahore . But unfortunately because of that the wire of electricity break down and here is no electricity in my home since many hours.
abdul rauf (Lahore weather) Jun 05, 2015
Finally! It is rain in Lahore. The weather is become very pleasant after a very long time. I am planning for a outing for enjoying the the weather.
Altaf (Lahore) May 28, 2015
The weather forecast for all over country remain same. The weather will be hot and sunny for more two or days and may be rise. There is no hope of rain in city of Lahore. But next week many chance in rain north punjab and also in Lahore.
Shoaib (Lahore) May 24, 2015
I wish to rain here in Lahore. The weather is very hot all the day I wish to be rain here. other wise I want to go Karachi for seaside It much better than here
Maruf Shah (Skp) May 07, 2015
Good report of Lahore weather.
Kazim (Lahore) May 07, 2015
The weather of Lahore is very hot nowadays. We are looking to go outside for picnic if we lived in Karachi so we could go hawksbey but we are the citizens of Lahore.
salamat ali (kasur) Apr 29, 2015
All weather of Lahore are good, except some days of Sawan weather in Lahore, over all I like all weather of Lahore city.
saad (lahore) Apr 26, 2015
Now Days Lahore weather is going to change, this time little rain chance in Lahore cities, I love my cities Lahore.
Hammad (Karachi) Apr 24, 2015
Karachi and Lahore are both equal in temperature. Both have same temperatures nowadays. But Karachi's people have advantage of seaside that they can go there to enjoy summer season. We Lahorians can not go. Water parks are the hopes of Lahorians.
Muhammad Anwar (lahore) Apr 14, 2015
The weather of lahore is stil tolerable and I hope it will go to end of April. After the weather will took sudden change and become hotter and hotter.
sajid ali (lahore) Apr 02, 2015
muja khoushi hoi ha jan kar k hama advence report mil jati ha mosam ka bara ma is tarha ki report har news chanal par nai milti
sajid ali (lahore) Apr 02, 2015
Its sweet and little cool weather in Lahore, but day by day Lahore temperature going to in cress.
ahmad raza khan (lahore) Mar 26, 2015
sir can you tell me 4,5,6 april weathr
Huma (Lahore) Mar 20, 2015
Now in this temperature of Lahore we can feel little bit sweat. Finally the weather of Lahore becoming very hot day by day. I have a lot of tension about summer season that how will we survive in the hot weather without electricity.
Osman (Lahore) Mar 05, 2015
Lahore has again washed in rain. Winter season is not taking the name of go out from Pujab. The weather has also become very cold after rain in Lahore and near areas of Lahore. The lowest temperature is 9 degree and this is too much in this season.
Kamran (Lahore) Mar 03, 2015
I live in Karachi but now a days I am in Lahore and here the weather is just awesome. I realized that Lahore has become a beautiful place and the rain just after few days has made it more beautiful while Karachi is drying and dying day by day. Weather department also predicted that it would be rain in Karachi but it did not happen.
Kamran (Lahore) Feb 17, 2015
Lahore is Lahore. Still the weather of Lahore is so good. Today's temperature of Lahore is very average temperature. But in upcoming days Lahore will burn due to heat. And the electricity problems we will have to face.
Syed Asif (Canada) Feb 16, 2015
I am Syed Muhammad Asif, lahore ka musam is lya be acha reha ta ha kukay wha kay log zinda dil ha
shahryar (lahore) Feb 08, 2015
we are very blessed people that after just few days it rains in Lahore
Kazim (Lahore) Jan 31, 2015
We are very blessed people that after just few days it rains in Lahore. While my friend lives in Karachi he has been told me that Karachi did not get rain or drizzling since 2014. Rain is a very important blessing.
Sajjad Butt (Lahore) Jan 23, 2015
It is also cold weather in Lahore still we have to make long long lines at Petrol pumps. Fog is very high in Lahore we cannot travel for a long distance in this cold weather.
saqib (Lahore) Jan 18, 2015
Today Lahore weather is good, it is rain forcast in Lahore tomorrow, Rehmat ki Barish ho.
bilal (lahore) Jan 14, 2015
Awesome weather of Lahore today, and also fog down.
zafar iqbal (lahore) Jan 14, 2015
today weather is so sweet I like it
sharoon Tahir Chohan (lahore) Jan 08, 2015
superb weather in Lahore, I like this Lahore weather.
Sajjad Butt (Lahore) Jan 01, 2015
The temperature of Lahore in day is equal to the temperature of Karachi in night. We face many difficulties in the early morning in Lahore due to fog on roads. I go in Punjab University on foot because vehicle would be dangerous for the accident.
Nadeem (Lahore) Dec 30, 2014
Huge fog in city of Lahore weather, what is the for cast in rain in Lahore and when will down fog in Lahore, Due to heavy fog we are not able to drive and other routine works in Lahore.
Naeem Butt (Weather Lahore) Dec 26, 2014
Temperature has another unit which is system international unit S.I unit is Kelvin (K). If we add 273 in 16 *C so we can get answer in S.I unit. Kelvin is the real and S.I unit of temperature. So please add the temperature's measurement in Kelvin also. It is free advice for your management.
Umair (Lahore) Dec 19, 2014
Lahore weather is to cold and nice low temperature and we can not enjoy this cold weather due to heavy fog in all over the Punjab, kindly inform us when will finish this fog in all over the Punjab.
Shams Ul Haq (Lahore) Dec 04, 2014
Lahore is fortune city where has four season. Allah blessed Lahore with rain and many things. Now we are waiting for rain in Lahore because then after rain, the cold weather will start.
ali bhai (lahore) Oct 29, 2014
very nince lahore seoson i am so happy for spring season lahore ali bahi
Waseem (Lahore) Oct 22, 2014
Yousuf (Lahore Weather) Sep 05, 2014
It is going on heavy rain in Lahore, Islamabad, Sailkot and all over the punjab, Azad Kashmir and KPK, May Allah help to Pakistani People, Ya Barsat Rehmat wali hoo ameen.
kashif (lahore) Aug 05, 2014
Lahore jhas the worse climate in world..10 months back breaking suffocating heat with no break nno real rains...the illiterate Lahore population has worsened Lahore weather by destroying the environment.
Amin Butt (Lahore) Jul 17, 2014
Rainy weather in lahore and now today, and also going to low temperature at lahore, what is for cast in rain at lahore and all over the punjab?
Saeed (Lahore) Jul 15, 2014
hope the rain in Lahore and all over the Pakistan specially in Ramazan and all also pray in Ghaza Muslims peoples, now a days every one wants in Rain in Lahore and Punjab weather in to much hot in days
Hamid (surgodha) Jul 14, 2014
to hot weather is Lahore and also we are facing in load shading problem in Lahore, sargodha and all over the Punjab, every one is praying for rain at Lahore and Punjab and Pakistan.
Fahad Zaka (Lahore) Jun 20, 2014
dear zulqarnain mufti bhai, you are saing true Lahore lahore ha but, Lahore weather now a days very hot and due to load shading, it is very tuf f for feeling Lahore hot weather, please pray for (Rehmat Wali) Rain at Lahore, because temperature too much high and hot days
Atia (Karachi ) Jun 08, 2014
Hi Lahor vs Karachi mant hain k lahor lahor he pr Karachi uska shohar he agr Pakistan ka minar hai to yaha b Qaida ka mazar hai agr lahor mei larkian Aam hain tu Karachi k Larko ka b naam hai agr lahori larnay mei kum nahi to pichy hatne waly hum b nahi jatna bara lahor he utna to Karachi mei surf glisten e johar hai agr koi tumsy kahy k kaak hy Karachi .? To Bol dena sub shehron ka bap he Karachi dedicated to my Karachi. Ja k pando mosam ka Hal deKho. Phar karchi k mosam k Barha me bolna hahahaha jB to tum log ko pondo bolty hain hum Karachi waly
Atia (Karachi ) Jun 08, 2014
Abdul Razzaq (Lahore) May 14, 2014
Lahore is going very cold now a days and also it was rain I think two or three days ago. Also here at the temperature is written to be 27°C and it is a much cold temperature in my view in Lahore.
Nadeem (Lahore) May 07, 2014
I think the weather of Lahore is going hot. Some days ago the weather became little bit cold and there was rain also but now I think t is different. In the noon it is much high temperature but it becomes somewhat cold at night and in the morning.
sh.farhan vohra (lahore) May 03, 2014
aaj muree sy lhr a rh hon inshallah.dil udas hai boz lhe ki garmi toba toba
Majid (Lahore) Apr 16, 2014
Here it is little bit cold in the morning but in the noon it becomes a little bit hot but the high and low temperatures of 33 and 20 show that the environment is moderate. In night time sometimes it is cold and sometimes it is hot.
Tahir (Lahore) Apr 11, 2014
I live in Lahore and there is a little cold atmosphere in the night but in the morning it is hot because of intense sunlight. The weather becomes very much hot at noon; Since here the high temperature is 34°. But the lowest temperature is 18°. That is a much difference from the highest temperature
Sadi Gillani (Lahore) Apr 10, 2014
I do not like Lahore City weather, because sarde main sakt Sarde hote ha or Garme main Sakh Garmi, Islamabad weather is rather batter then Lahore weather
maheen (Lahore) Feb 26, 2014
Asalamoalekum all Muslims Lahorio mausam enjoy kero. Too Wow it I khubsurat colorful morning Jo subah ni utha us NY bht kych kho DIY. Good morning to all
Faisal mahmood basra'. Rida Jani lover (Narng mandi) Jan 29, 2014
Pakisatan zindaabad i am happy today
abdul hafeez (shahdara town lahore) Jan 10, 2014
Lahore is very beautiful and historical city.mal road,hal road,fotres ,zoo museum badshahe masked,Shane qila,cha men ice cream,muzang ki fish& Prague,jutte ki dal,race curve park,phaje k sire page,NCA college,Ghazi Ailam Den shahed ki akhri aram gay.aa e lahore
Rana Asif Mahmood (Lahore) Dec 14, 2013
Beautifull city Lahore in the Pakirtan
Bushra (Rihim Yar Khan) Dec 13, 2013
what is the minimum temperature expected in lahore this year
sohail ([email protected]) Nov 13, 2013
Lahore Lahore hai bhai aur karachi bhi karachi hai well lahore main datadarbar most famous place and badshahi masjid yar itne qadeem place hain kia hal ban dia hai wahan ka, lahore weather abhi tu sardi apna appa sa bahar hogi, sb nay heaters on kia hoa hongay aur barish bhi hogai kuch din pahla,
Sadat (Lahore) Nov 12, 2013
Lahore is totally different place to enjoy winters, i love Lahore's winters, but because of fog it gets very dangerous to drive, all the transportation system gets stuck when this situation happens.
Mushtaq Minhaas (Lahore) Nov 12, 2013
Lahore weather is too good last year i went to lahore for enjoying my vacations and on that time suddenly heavy rain started I enjoy alot these on that time.
asad (south africa) Jul 11, 2013
love to yours city love to yours country its every thing is most beautiful in the world
mohsin shah (lahore) Jul 08, 2013
today weather is owsem
Mrs.Khalid (lahore) Jul 06, 2013
helloooo.......lahorities, how are you all ....?hope all are happy and feeling good after this beautiful shower given by Allah ....Subhan Allah.
M Nabeel (pattoki) Jun 14, 2013
today weather is vry beautiful and enjoyed... everyone enjoy for rain
Mehmood Dhillon (Lahore) Jun 07, 2013
Ek halki c barish ho jae to kia bat hay
SOHAIL (LAHORE) Jun 06, 2013
Irfan Yousaf (lahore) May 24, 2013
waqi lahore lahore aey, mango khao aur nehar main nahao tarbooz k saath
Abdullah (lahore) Apr 25, 2013
Its raining after a hot weather....yay!
Muhammad Shafique (Lahore) Mar 22, 2013
Pakistani pay thanks to Allah for Enjoying four different seasons
Rana imran ([email protected]) Mar 14, 2013
Rana imran from muzaffar garh. The country of pakistan seasons or very beautiful.
Nadeem Barki (Lahore) Feb 22, 2013
lahore walo aj pakoray khao or enjoy karo
zahid janjua batapur (lahore) Feb 22, 2013
i m pure lahoria i love my beautiful&historical city to day weather is very pleasant
Rizwan Ahmed Farooqi Qureshi (mehrabpur) Feb 22, 2013
What is the forecast for tomorrow does anyone know? My wife is traveling from Multan to Lahore and then from Lahore to Dubai to Dallas. I am very much concerned about this fog and flights cancellation
Mustansar Malik (Lahore) Feb 21, 2013
I love rain because after rain every thing looks neat n clean, thanks to God for this lovely kindness Alhamadolillah.
AHMAD (lahore) Feb 20, 2013
laiba (karachi) Feb 17, 2013
today weather is too good ilike thi weather very much..........!
inam khan (LAHORE) Feb 16, 2013
Lahore is the best city of Pakistan its weather,locations.......
Iqbal (Lahore) Feb 16, 2013
cities are growing and rivers are drying. build kala bagh dam for electricity, agriculture and storage of water.
mohammad asif waheed (LAHORE) Feb 10, 2013
Munir Sabir (Lahore) Feb 03, 2013
our city is growing, river ravi is drying, and we are not growing fruitful trees therefore this rain will not benefit us.
saif lahore () Jan 20, 2013
Jauharabad is a beautiful city in punjab
Muhammad Ilyas (Lahore) Jan 09, 2013
Thanks God for some sunny days. Now can enjoy oranges.
Muhammad Shahid (Dallas, TX) Jan 08, 2013
What is the forecast for tomorrow does anyone know? My wife is traveling from Multan to Lahore and then from Lahore to Dubai to Dallas. I am very much concerned about this fog and flights cancellation
yameen (lahore) Jan 07, 2013
Allah kary Lahore may snow falling ho
Mian Abid Aziz (Lahore. Pakistan) Jan 07, 2013
A0A lovly weather in lahore.So cold like a muree in pakistan and like calgary in canda. lovely good morning all of u
Atif islam (lahore) Jan 06, 2013
lahore is a best city of world i like it so much.
jahangir Shahid (Lahore) Jan 06, 2013
Mashallah lahore main bhi europe jaisa mosam ho gia hai 12-13 din se dhoop jo nahi nikli. I love that
Lahore is the my birth place,im lov'ing thz place and its peasent whether.... lahore lahore lahore aa
Imran Advocate (Lahore) Jan 02, 2013
comments were required for weather not for emotions and love
Rana Afzal (lahore) Jan 01, 2013
Lahoreeeee are the greatest
Mubashar manzoor (Lahore) Jan 01, 2013
Lahore is heart of Pakistan lahore known in beautiful park and weather now in lahore first time RBS bus service start coming soon
dr. omer (lahore) Jan 01, 2013
Lahore is one of the best cities ever seen. A complete city for everyone.
randhawa (lahore) Jan 01, 2013
This really good to see comments about weather Happy New year,,,
dr jamshed (Lahore) Dec 28, 2012
lahore is known for its festivity,cuisines and hospitality.December is awesome in lahore
M.IQBAL (UK) Dec 28, 2012
maria ali (lahore) Dec 28, 2012
ilove Lahore city because food of the Lahore is really Lahoreiii taste i love to live in Lahore
M.ASIF WAHEED (lahore) Dec 27, 2012
hassan khan (madina) Dec 23, 2012
i live in saudi arabia lahore is best city for weather conditions
Usman (lahore) Dec 23, 2012
Owsum weather In Lahore... I loved Weather... awersome Weather... i loved december month :)
rafeh (Lahore) Dec 22, 2012
I love my city Lahore very much
kamran (lahore) Dec 13, 2012
Lahore is the best city of Pakistan its weather,locations and entertianning areas are superb. isliye khete hain Lahore Lahare hai.i love Lahore and like to live in Lahore
khalid (lahore) Dec 13, 2012
what weather on 19january2013
mian salahuddin (lahore) Nov 16, 2012
sir kindly report 15 days expected lahore weather reports thank you
kamran Arshad (lahore) Nov 13, 2012
Kindly report 15 days expected weather report. Thanks
Muhammad Mansha (Riyadh) Oct 09, 2012
I miss Lahore in Saudi Arabia Would that I could see Lahore ASAP
shahzadul haq (lahore) Sep 14, 2012
what a beautiful morning today with rainfall all things look good especially greenfields
amin (lahore) Sep 13, 2012
too hot today and with intensive loadshedding it is getting vey tough. May be weather is pleasent withing next few days (Inshallah).
Saif Ali Bajwa (Rahim Yar Khan) Sep 11, 2012
ya Allha pak tu apne rahmat k barish nazal frma,, hm gunhgar bande hen to hm pe rehm frma aur apne hifzo eman men rakh.aur hmen hr kism k ezmaiesh se bcha jis pe hm pore ni otr skte....
Shakeel (Lahore) Sep 08, 2012
Good for today, all employees are bound to sit in the offices.
Zubair (Lahore) Sep 05, 2012
I liked rainy day and beautiful weather in lahore today
Zahoor Elahi Chauhan (Lahore) Sep 02, 2012
Excellent information are given on this page.
i qbal (lahore) Aug 26, 2012
thank u. good knowledge for businessmen and travellers.
Zia Rana (Lahore) Aug 18, 2012
The weather is too humid now a days but still I love my birthplace and one of the greatest cities of the world 'Lahore'.
usman (Lahore) Aug 18, 2012
I liked it rain and beautiful weather in lahore
naeem (Lahore) Aug 18, 2012
I liked very beautiful weather in Lahore city
rana amir (lahore) Aug 11, 2012
Lahore is one of the best city in the world and i love it
Shahid (Lahore) Aug 09, 2012
Kia ap weather report per yaqeen karty han?
Zed (lhr) Aug 06, 2012
Kahin ke liye rehmat aur kahin ke lye zehmat, but we should hv to thanks almighty ALLAH for ever gift
riaz ud din (lahore) Aug 05, 2012
we thank God for some much needed rain in Lahore... lets have some more please.. thanks to Allah
WAQAS G (lahore) Aug 04, 2012
Allah ki rehmat baras rahi hai
asif (lahore) Aug 04, 2012
lahore is the other name of janat i love lahore
Abdullah Faiz (Lahore) Aug 04, 2012
AOA, Hum sub ko Allah Pak se touba ki zarurat he, ro ro k apnay liya or puri Ummat-E-Muhammadi (S.A.W.W) k liya mugfirat or hadayat ki dua karain. Ya Allah hum sub ko muaf farma dijiya. Aameen.
rashid (lahore) Aug 03, 2012
Lahore is the best city all over the world Lahore Lahore ha
Ali Awan (Lahore) Aug 03, 2012
i love Lahore city because food of the Lahore is really Lahoreiii taste i love to live in Lahore
jamil gill (kasur) Aug 03, 2012
Barish na hone ki waja se fasloon ka bohat ziada nuqsaan ho raha hey. ALLAH se barish ki dua karni chahia.
Shahid Ahmed Islam (Lahore) Jul 24, 2012
Allah Muaaf Kar Dy Ye Humary Aamaal han light Nai Ati or Barish Nai Hoti
riaz ud din (lahore) Jul 24, 2012
we need some rain badly, it is already end of July , and there has been no decent rain in Lahore,,,
Shahid Ahmed Islam (Lahore) Jul 24, 2012
lag raha k garmi jan lay gi Allah karam kar dy
ismail () Jul 14, 2012
Lahore has versatile weather as its versatile people.i love it
shafiq (lahore) Jul 13, 2012
happy rainy day
Muhammad Irfan (Lahore) Jul 09, 2012
Salam! Don't worry guys rainy season coming soon
Sameer (lahore) Jul 08, 2012
Lahore is a best city of pakistan,therefore i live in Lahore
Asfa Rahman (lahore) Jul 08, 2012
weather of Lahore is extreme type of weather, burning hot, pleasant rainy, ice cold, fantastic windy.we can enjoy verity of weather in Lahore.
arshiaibrahim (lahore) Jul 07, 2012
thank to God for nice weather
Irfan (Lahore) Jul 06, 2012
Alhumdulilah.......... weather kuch acha horaha hai......
Saleem Tahir (Lahore) Jul 04, 2012
Lahore is famous for hot, because it is necessary for crops, Mangoes are the special items for food lovers, canal is best place for rest. I live my Lahore even Pakistan.
sidra (islamabad) Jul 03, 2012
Lahore and Islamabad is the best city of Pakistan,,2 din sa yaha pa buht ziada garmi hai AC struck ho jatay han
Aslam Qureshi (Lahore) Jul 03, 2012
Lahore Lahore ay,garmy bohot ay,cool down temperature artificaily
(lahore) Jun 09, 2012
Lahore is the best city of Pakistan its weather,locations and entertianning areas are superb. isliye khete hain Lahore Lahare hai.i love Lahore and like to live in Lahore
ishrat (Islamabad) May 11, 2012
salam,, Lahore tha mausam acha hota hai is lehaaz se k wahan par Karachi jaisi garmi nahi hoti
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Ahsan on Islamabad
According to the information above , the weather of Islamabad will be normal hot with a clouds which will not cause more hotness . This year the weather of all Pakistan have been great so far . Rainfall is fulifilling peoples need as well as needs of farmers .

on Sargodha
Allah Pakistanio pr rehmat kare Muhammad aziz bhatti

Mani on Lahore
The weather of Lahore is expected to be hot and warm in upcoming three 3 OR four 4 days . So peoples should be careful because hot weather is spreading some harmful diseases which may cause serious damages . So take safety and careful tips to face this hot weather .

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