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karachi Weather Updates

Karachi, the city which is recognized as the “City of Light” is the biggest and major city situated in the Sindh province of Pakistan with an average population of 20 million. It is also the capital of Sindh Province. Karachi city generates the major revenue for Pakistan economy. The climate condition of Karachi is very surprising and moderate. The rain fall happens during the months of July and August in monsoon season. The average annual recorded rain fall is 10 inches. The duration of summer season in Karachi is starts from April till August. The highest recorded temperature in summer season is around 30-44 °Celsius. The winter season starts from November and end till February and this time is usually considered as the most excellent to make a memorable journey in Karachi.
Mostly Cloudy
Feels like: 31°
High 33°  Low 25°
Karachi Weather Forecast
7PM 31°C
8PM 31°C
9PM 30°C
Visibility 7 km Wind 19 km/h Dew Point 16 °C
Humidity 43% Sunrise 06:27 Sunset 18:46
Moonrise ----- Moonset -----

karachi Weather 5 Days Forecast

Hi N/A° | Lo 25°
Partly Cloudy / Wind
Hi 34° | Lo 22°
Hi 35° | Lo 21°
Hi 33° | Lo 23°
Partly Cloudy / Wind
Hi 31° | Lo 23°
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Umair (Rawalpindi) Mar 25, 2015
I do not believe on's weather updates of Karachi. Today it was one of the hottest day in Karachi. It was too much hot day. I think it was more than 36 degree temperature of Karachi today. While in Rawalpindi people are wearing sweaters due to cold weather as it is raining there.
Nadir (Karachi) Mar 24, 2015
Today was a very hottie and sunny day in Karachi and the temperature was observing as 35 plus celcius. When i went from outside the home and i felt the sun is just very near to the earth.
salman (Karachi) Mar 20, 2015
The weather of Karachi is just looking as the summer season is just going on....!! But this is the end of March only if we look back at least 4 days ago so it was cold weather even i was wearing sweaters but now i am feeling like i should wear only trouser.
Yousuf (Karachi) Mar 12, 2015
The weather of Karachi looking good right now and we are going to play cricket in the ground. But i know it will not be rain in Karachi till the moon soon season. We are very unfortunate people that we can not get rain before moon soon season in Karachi.
Tariq (Karachi) Mar 10, 2015
The month of March will be cold in Karachi but it will not be rain as i work in weather office in Karachi so that is why I know something about weather. I am not claiming as a God. I also want rain in Karachi but we will be lack with rain.
Hina (Karachi) Mar 06, 2015
The weather of Karachi becoming hot day by day. But it is not raining in Karachi. How much will we have to wait? Moon soon season will come in June or July so it will rain that time. So i think now we will have to wait every year for moon soon season.
Saleem (Karachi) Mar 02, 2015
Three days have gone to wait for the heavily rain in Karachi. Still waiting for some miracle in Karachi. Oh God please bless us with a cold rain today. As today it was the rain's prediction in Karachi. Karachi cites are dying to enjoy in the rain.
Saqib (London) Feb 28, 2015
Always do not believe on two things of about Karachi and London. The one thing is that Weather of Karachi and London and the girls of Karachi and London both can be change any time. It is reality about Karachi and London.
Imran (Karachi Weather) Feb 24, 2015
Today again Karachi has become very cold in the end of February. We feel some dryness and fog in today's weather. I think 14 degree would be the temperature of Karachi. There is showing wrong temperature.
Subhan (Karachi) Feb 20, 2015
Karachi is not partially clouded. Weather is hot today. We observe normally the day of Friday is hot. Sky is clean with cloud. We can not expect rain in Karachi till the doom's day it seems that !
Yasir (Karachi) Feb 13, 2015
The weather of Karachi has become very hot. I am feeling like this is May going on. Even this is February. I want cold weather on 15th February
Sabir (Lahore) Feb 10, 2015
In last night the weather had become very cold in Karachi. It was superb weather in night. I want some more cold days in Karachi. At least February should be cold.
Burhan (Lahore) Feb 02, 2015
Only Karachi is Bereft from rain. Otherwise all the people of different cities like Multan are enjoying cold weather with a cold rain. It was raining there and we are enjoying sun radiations.
Sadia (Karachi) Feb 01, 2015
Very very normal and better weather of Karachi nowadays. Today we went at sea view in Karachi. There were many people come to enjoy the weather. Now we would miss the cold weather and it is ending!
Naseem (Karachi) Jan 29, 2015
Today weather of Karachi is so cold. I went outside the home and felt many cold winds and air outside the home. Actually my body is vibrating due to coldness in Karachi. In night the temperature will be high more.
Salman (Karachi) Jan 23, 2015
It did not rain in Karachi on Tuesday as well as on Wednesday. Temperature has also become high. Karachi cites are thirsty for rain. We have been looking for rain for a long long time in Karachi.
Junaid (Karachi) Jan 20, 2015
Here is scaling of temperature of Karachi is not true. I cannot believe that on the Karachi's temperature of today. I do not want to go outside due to coldness they are giving measurement just 17 celcius. At least today's temperature of Karachi in night will be 12 or 10 celcius.
Syed Hamid Ali (Karachi) Jan 15, 2015
Today's weather of Karachi is very cold. I personally like this little bit cold weather. The wind speed of air today is very good. Temperature is not very low but wind speed is very fast.
Naveed (Karachi) Jan 12, 2015
It seems that winter season has been vanished or escaped from Karachi. We feel hot weather. Normally this type weather comes in March. But in January winter season has gone. Well it is good because now schools are open and come out from blanket in winter is very difficult.
Umer (Karachi) Jan 08, 2015
Today when i was playing cricket, my sweat was falling due to hot weather. December is going on but today's weather is not cold even hot weather today in Karachi. We can not judge the weather of Karachi like London.
Subhan (Karachi) Jan 05, 2015
Weather: I do not know that why Karachi weather is is so hot in winter season. Well temperature has another unit that is Rankine scale we call. If we want to convert the Fahrenheit temperature into Rankin scale so add 460 in fahrenhite temperature then we will get answer in ranking scale.
Shoaib (Karachi) Dec 31, 2014
I checked the today's weather and temperature of Karachi. It is 15 celcius I can not believe on it because today weather is very cold and wind speed is also vast. So i do not believe on's report about weather of Karachi and also i am not very satisfied.
Munawar Alam (Karachi) Dec 30, 2014
Weather (Karachi): I want to enjoy snow falling in Karachi but the weather is not so cold and there is no chance of snow falling in karachi so if I want to enjoy snow fall so definitely will have to go to Murre or Quetta.
Kashif (Karachi) Dec 26, 2014
No dough say about Karachi weather, Now a days awesome weather of Karachi, I like to Much Karachi weather.
Nassar Imran (Karachi) Dec 25, 2014
Today the weather is not so cold. The temperature shows that very hot weather today in Karachi in noon. Karachi's weather is increasing it means in Quetta, the weather will not be so cold.
Salamat (Lahore) Dec 23, 2014
Today is cold weather in Karachi, in morning time temperature was very low and also in little rain in Karachi. It was very beauty weather looking city of Karachi, I hope more rain in Karachi in next few days.
Islam Gull (Karachi) Dec 19, 2014
What is the reason to not be rain in Karachi neither they are receiving cold Karachi weather as December is just about to finish very soon.
Asghar Hussain (Karachi) Dec 16, 2014
Today's Karachi weather is too cold. I became fell ill seriously due to cold weather and low temperature. The degree of coldness is too much. I do not want come out from blanket.
Saghir (Karachi) Dec 12, 2014
Karachi weather is awesome now, I had gone outside the home, I felt very cold air in fact I came back home. Today is first day of winter season that the temperature is very low. So finally winter season came in Karachi.
Mustafa (Karachi) Dec 09, 2014
When I getup today feeling Karachi weather lightly change, feel cold weather in early in the morning, Thanks Allah Karachi hot weather going to change into cold weather.
Nadeem (Weather Karachi) Dec 06, 2014
Karachi weather is un forecastle, now still not start cold weather in Karachi city. we have use fan in night during sleeping. I like the cold winter weather but some to cold weather face some problem for us.
Nida Alam (Karachi) Nov 30, 2014
I love winter season. But still we are surviving from hot weather and facing also water shortage problem in Karachi. December came, today is first December but winter and cold days did not come yet in Karachi.
Asma (Karachi) Oct 28, 2014
I come to know "Nilofar" cyclone near in Karachi, and many chance to hit Oman,Pakistan and India area, Allah Bless us from Nilofar cyclone near in Karachi, It may rather chance of rain in Karachi and Sindh area in next few days.
Saeed (Karachi Weather Forcast) Sep 23, 2014
Today morning Karachi weather was awesome, which was cloudy and lightly rain, please share any forecast of rain in city of Karachi, how will weather in Eid ul Aza holidays in Karachi.
Kazim (Karachi) Sep 04, 2014
I listen the news of weather of Karachi, next few days rain chance in city of Karachi, May Allah rain in Karachi, (for Rehmat) innocent people of Karachi, now today is to much hot days in Karachi Weather is to hot.
Waseem Ahmed (Karachi) Aug 28, 2014
It should rain next month for one week good for Karachi people
Khalid (Karachi) Aug 01, 2014
today night heavy rain in different area in city of Karachi, and also batter batter weather in Karachi, and also down temperature, hubs dobara hoo gye ha,
(karachi) Jul 22, 2014
ya rahmat ki barish day umat e muhammed per
Kamran Afzal (Karachi) Jul 14, 2014
Ya Allah Barish Hojaye Karachi one week tak non stop rain hoti rahay.or sath sath loadshedding bhi na ho.Ameen
Sami Afzal (Karachi) Jul 14, 2014
some time today Karachi weather is some hot and cloudy, but every body wants to rain in Karachi, what is the fore cast is rain in Karachi in next few days.
Hammad (Karachi) Jun 24, 2014
today is great weather of Karachi, temperature also is low or ajj Hawa bhi bhot chal rhe ha, I like the awesome weather of Karachi, looking rainy weather
shafiq (karachi) Jun 21, 2014
awesome weather is today at Karachi and also batter temperature then Friday, what is forecast of Rain weather at Karachi,
Mirza Owais Baig (Karachi) Jun 20, 2014
today is very hot day in Karachi like all Fridays, what is the rain forecast in Karachi, now a days temperature is very hot and high, hope for good Karachi weather in next week
Imran (Lahore) May 18, 2014
Many parameters are given here at Being in Lahore I don’t have an idea of the temperature in Karachi. I think the atmosphere of Karachi is different from Lahore in a sense that there is a seaside in Karachi that becomes cause of change in weather.
Murtaza (Lahore) May 07, 2014
What is the weather in Karachi now a days? How are the sea breezes in the city. Either it is cold or hot? What about the variations in the morning, noon and evening. I think the weather of this city is different from that of the city Lahore.
Imran jaffri (karachi) Apr 21, 2014
Now a day Karachi weather temperature is going to change daily bases, today Karachi weather temperature is very heigh rather then starting of April, and hope full stating of May Karachi Temperature may be more hight and change
Naveed (Lahore) Apr 16, 2014
A little bit cold weather it looks here at that is because 33°C at this time is not hot in my view. By the way the see breezes at Karachi might become the cause of temperature change any time. How the see side is going now a days?
Zubair (Lahore) Apr 11, 2014
Karachi usually remains hot usually when Lahore is not much hot. Now know a days it looks that Karachi is having a moderate temperature. I think it will rise much in the summer because the wind coming from see will also become hot.
Sohail (Karachi) Apr 10, 2014
Karachi City weather is one great weather of Pakistan, because all the years Karachi weather little change, No winter seasons and No summer seasons in Karachi weathers
muhammad ali (karachi) Mar 18, 2014
Its to hot weather today
zubair (karachi) Mar 16, 2014
ya allah kal karachi may barish kar den
tabish (karachi) Mar 04, 2014
Allah kara barish ho jay
Aslam (karachi) Feb 06, 2014
Allah karachi main bhi kuch barish hoo gya wasa karachi ka weathe bilkul change ho gya ha yaha to sarde chalee gye ha..
Muhammad Faisal (karachi) Dec 31, 2013
i like it karachi weather,
Faraz (Karachi) Dec 11, 2013
I do not like karachi weather, due to not extremely
Mehmood (Karachi) Nov 13, 2013
Karachi has the best weather conditions due to near by beach, but it is not very dry conditions in summer, its very slippery, oily which feel really bad for citizens of Karachi..
shahnawaz ( Nov 13, 2013
karachi weather kia kahain karachi main ab garmi bohat honay lagi hai pahla itne garmi nahi hoti thy, aur sardio main sardi bhi bohat parti hai but sardi ziada time nahi rehti kash k jitna tie garmi hoti hai itne time sardi raha,ajj kal tu mousam bohat acha hai
akhter (karachi) Oct 02, 2013
karachi ki wheater ko sb like karty hen, lekin peace ko be like karo. thanks
wahaj (karachi) Aug 01, 2013
Friday,Saturday or Sunday is blessed by Allah with some heavy downpours
ADMANI (karachi ) Jul 06, 2013
ADNAN (KARACHI) Jul 01, 2013
Rehmat ansari (karachi) May 16, 2013
karachi ka mosam bhi karachi ke halat ki thra he
Farhan (karachi) May 02, 2013
Allah karachi ka mosam Zurich ya california jaisa hamesha k liye kerday. Mian ziada nahi maaangta.
kashif (karachi) Apr 27, 2013
I Like Karachi Weather but nowadays Karachi Weather is unpredictable....................
jai parkash (karachi) Apr 24, 2013
cool seasion very funtastic.....&also when rain so superb.......
farhan (karachi) Apr 23, 2013
lovely weather today my Pakistani peoples
SABA AHSAN (karachi) Apr 08, 2013
i love rain & i m enjoying a lot wow... thanks to ALLAH
kamran khan (sukkur) Feb 15, 2013
what a rainy weather in sukkur ilke this day
Ayub (karachi) Feb 06, 2013
i like karachi weather bcoz its very cool and i like cool weather very much. thanks
saifullah (karachi) Feb 04, 2013
now we suppose that yesterday and after the air will be so cold
shahir azam (karichi) Jan 29, 2013
it's to cold out there
ebad ali (karachi) Jan 17, 2013
wow kya mosam he karachi me bhi sardi brh gaye.
iftakahar hassan (karachi) Dec 30, 2012
Ya Allah Karachi walo per reham farma un ko choroo se bach ameen
durdana (karachi) Dec 28, 2012
muhammad ali anwar (pakistan,karachi) Sep 17, 2012
Rain in Karachi infrastructure collapses Gutters overflowing roads disintegrating power out traffic gridlock DawnTV going on about pakoras
M.A.Memon Attari (karachi) Sep 12, 2012
ya Rab tera karam hai malik tu ne apni rehmat wali barish hum per nazil ki. Ya Allah pak mere kuch nadan dost tujh se azab ka sawal ker rahey hain A mere malik tu rahim hai tu raham kerna ya Rab mere nadan dosto ki najaiz zid ko maaf farmana Ya rab hum tere shukar guzar hain ke tu hamare be-panah gunaho ke baad bhi hum per raham farmata hai Ya Allah pak humen alfaz nahi miltey ke kin alfazo mai tere raham-o-karam ki tareef karen beshak tu dilon ke haal janta hai Ya malik-e-dojahan mere watan pakistan per raham farma mere watan ko tabahi se mehfooz farma hum tujh se raham ki bheek magtey hain Ya Allah Pak jo mera bhai or bahan ye dua parhen us per apna khususi karam farma or us ki sari pareshani or mushkilat ko door farma (ameem)
Dr.Mahmood.S.A (Karachi) Sep 09, 2012
Ya Rabulaalameen jaisee too nai barish khoob barsaei hai ab aisee he full karachi per Rehmat bhi barsa dai(Aameen)
Irfan Ahmed (Karachi) Sep 08, 2012
its great weather of Karachi, here should be rain every year..........but its the responsibilities of City Government to take care to control the worse situation due to during the rain.........
asif iffy (karachi) Sep 07, 2012
Ya Allah! KMC ke choron ko taufiq ata kar key they clear the stagnant 5-6 feet of water from shahrah faisal and I I Chundrigar road!! Ameen
Wahaj (Karachi) Sep 06, 2012
too much heavy showers in 2 two days in karachi wednesday and thursday hope 4 more on friday...
Noorul Amin (Karachi) Sep 05, 2012
Ya Allah Tera Shukr Hai Karachi Mein Barish Horahi hai, ya Allah is Barish ko rehmat wali barish banana, Aameen !
shehzad Ahmed (Karachi) Sep 03, 2012
Ya Allah hum teray gunhegar banday hain hum sub ko maaf farma (ameen) ur rahmat ki barash ata kar.
Mohammad Hussain Shirazi (Azad Kashmir) Aug 29, 2012
I live in Azad Kashmir and every year i come to Karachi in winter season, because the temperature of karachi in winter usually minimam 8C which is bearable on the other side in azad Kashmir minimum temperature in winter is usually 0 C or - 4 to 10. Karachi weather are awesome for whole year thats why I prefere to long time spend in Karachi. Thanks Mohammad Hussain Shirazi Kootli Azad Kashmir
jawed khanani (karachi) Aug 29, 2012
ya Allah Karachi main rehmat ki barish kar.
salman (karachi) Aug 28, 2012
I hope rain start today till friday.
Dr.Mahmood.S.A (Karachi) Aug 28, 2012
Salam to all Ya Allah Karachi ko peaceful kar dai (Aameen)
ayesha (karachi) Aug 26, 2012
i think that rain will starts from yesterday thanks
M. Saleem (Karachi ) Aug 25, 2012
Monsoon will be started in Karachi on 28Aug,2012. Inshalla.
ACTIVE MONSOON START IN PAKISTAN........ Sindh me kal sy barishen shuruh hongi yahooooooooooooo.....................
Pakistan or India me La-Nina active hony ki waja sy barishen mamul sy kum hongi kyun k monsoon south-east asia shift ho gea hai jin me east china,korea,philippines shamil hain Pakistan me sirf is saal barishen kum hongi......
moses (Karachi) Aug 06, 2012
heavy rains in Karachi expected 2012
ajmad sajid bair faqiran jhelum (bair faqiran jhelum pk ) Aug 06, 2012
aoa i ajad sajid i doing mba from ku and my village name is bair faqiran jhelum . it is big and best village. but no basic facilities has been provide by the govt.
Saleem Ansari (Karachi) Aug 02, 2012
Thanks for Urduwire for providing the updated weather of Karachi
shahid khan () Jul 20, 2012
Nice weather .happy ramazan
slomica (karachi) Jul 20, 2012
karachi is a nice city har leyhaz say i love karachi
Ali Akbar (Karachi) Jul 18, 2012
Very interested weather today in Karachi and i like whole Pakistan's weather.
misbah khanum (karachi) Jul 15, 2012
i like Karachi & love this weather.
malik liaqat (karachi) Jul 14, 2012
very nice weather of surjani Karachi
Atiq Malik (Karachi) Jul 14, 2012
Beautiful city,beautiful people sb and beautiful weather. laikin nazar lag gayee meray shehar roshnion ko.Allah hifaazat karay meray shehar ko,meray mulk ko aur meray logon ko.Aameen. I love all.
Mehmood (karachi) Jul 14, 2012
i love Karachi weather and i like these type weathers
arif (karachi) Jul 09, 2012
weather is nice if its rain it will be owesome
Abdul rauf (Karachi) Jul 06, 2012
Assalam o alaikum NICE Weather But i m in University...... weather ka maza b nai le sakte
maria (karachi) Jul 05, 2012
nice weather but i m alone
nazarchohan (Karachi) Jul 04, 2012
@maryam..yes indeed, lovely weather here in Karachi..
Maryam (Karachi) Jun 22, 2012
I love Karachi and Karachi weather....Allah ka shukar he mosam acha he.
shehryar aijaz (karachi) Jun 19, 2012
Allah kary karachi may baraf parh jaye.
AREEJ (karachi) Jun 18, 2012
Allah karey kal karachi main barish hojye (AMEEN)
ws (karachi) Jun 14, 2012
Allah ka azab ha yah garmi
MOHAMMAD.DEEN (karachi) Jun 06, 2012
() Jun 05, 2012
ya Allah jaldi barish den Ameen
HASSAN ALI (karachi) Jun 02, 2012
ya Allah Karachi me barish ho jai achi wali Aameen
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The weather is going very hot day by day. I found Peshawar temperature in in next 5 days. Hope full next days weather will to hot and rainy in Peshwer city.

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In the beginning of March, we had been feeling cold weather and also in the mid of March suddenly this month has become very hot across Pakistan but in Rahim Yar Khan this fire is spreading very rapidly.

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