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faisalabad Weather Updates

Faisalabad also recognized as Lyallpur is the third major city of Pakistan and second largest city of Punjab Province. Faisalabad has a humid climate condition. In the summer season the temperature gets high at 50 °Celsius (122 °Fahrenheit) while in the winter season the temperature gets down till -2 °Celsius (28 °Fahrenheit). In normal condition the temperature in warm season stays between 39 °Celsius (102 °Fahrenheit) and 27 °Celsius (81 °Fahrenheit) and in the winter season the temperature goes down nearly 17 °Celsius (63 °Fahrenheit) and 6 °Celsius (43 °Fahrenheit). Summer season starts in the months of April and keep continue till October and the winter season remains from November till March. The highest recorded rain in the months of July & August is 300 millimeters (12 inches).
Feels like: °
High °  Low °
Faisalabad Weather Forecast
3AM 17°C
4AM 17°C
5AM 17°C
Visibility 0 km Wind 0 km/h Dew Point N/A °C
Humidity N/A% Sunrise 05:55 Sunset 18:27
Moonrise ----- Moonset -----

faisalabad Weather 5 Days Forecast

Hi N/A° | Lo 16°
Mostly Cloudy
Hi 27° | Lo 17°
Partly Cloudy
Hi 26° | Lo 16°
Mostly Sunny
Hi 28° | Lo 16°
Mostly Sunny
Hi 28° | Lo 16°
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M.Saif (faislabad) Mar 03, 2015
wa wa kiya baat hai Faisalabad mosam ki.
M Ali Raza (Faisalabad) Feb 07, 2015
very cold weather of jaranwala,i like jaranwala weather now a day.other wise to hot and cold weather do not can enjoy.
Kazim (Faisalabad) Jan 22, 2015
Very cold weather of Faisalabad, I really like Faisalabad weather now a days. other wise to hot and cold weather do not can enjoy.
Yasmeen (Lahore) Jan 21, 2015
Its to rain in city of Lahore yesterday, but light breakdown like always, we can not enjoy the cold and beauty weather in Lahore city.
Farhan (Faisalabad) Jan 09, 2015
I think Mazaq Raat is one program who promoted our national game and players of hockey team. Nauman Ijaz you are awesome, in future please invite the Pakistan's entire team after the world cup. Our hockey players are very talented but we do not care them. Even hockey federation do not pay their payments. Malik Riaz supports them.
Gulshan (Faisalabad) Dec 31, 2014
I do not know when leave the fog in Faisalabad and Punjab, Weather Faisalabad is to cold and dry, May Alla rain in fog cover area in Pakistan.
Anwer (Faisalabad) Dec 17, 2014
Faisalabad Weather is going to cold, today is also very low temperature, and cold weather, this is great website provide the forecast of next few days weather temperature.
Abid Malik (Faisalabad) Dec 11, 2014
The weather is cold in Faisalabad but the political and law and order situation is very hot in Faisalabad weather. The weather was awesome yesterday in Faisalabad but we could not enjoy the weather due to protest of PTI.
Mushtaq Ahmad (Faisalabad ) Jul 28, 2014
It is light raining in Faisalabad now. thanks God.
muhammad akmal sharif (faisalabad) Jul 20, 2014
so much helpfull
Salman (toba tak singh) Jul 17, 2014
today weather is batter than yesterday, and also temperature down in Toba tak singh and faisalabad, what is for cast of rain at Faisalabad.
Danish Akram (faisalabad) Jul 15, 2014
thanks for Allah, nice weather in today and going Roza very well, and I hope for great load shading problem also resolve due to temperature low
Muhammad Mushtaq (Faisalabad) Jul 14, 2014
It is hoped that it will rain in few days, Insh Allah. It is too hot these days.
Mehar Shafiq (faisalabad) Jun 20, 2014
very nice
Bilal (faisalabad) Jun 13, 2014
i dont care weather bcz its my city, i love fsd
ather zaman (faisalabad) Mar 25, 2014
Its a great website!!!!!!!
Shakeel (chenab nagar) Mar 24, 2014
last 3 day weather of (chenab nagar) Faisalabd is awesome, I feel like to weather always like now a days weather (chenab nagar)
Yasir (faisalabad) Feb 06, 2014
faisalabad weather has been changed today, thanks for good update this web side abot faisalabad weather
fawad khan ( Nov 13, 2013
faisalabad weather today this time fog,urduwire best web for weather forecast,good work keep it up urduwire and faisalabad faisal masjid awesome yar, and bohat Greene hai yahan,i like it
Latef (Bhalwal) Nov 12, 2013
This is the best weather forecast website even more than Yahoo and Microsoft, because i found more accuracy, i have been visiting your website for years and never found an error at all..
usman saeed (faisalabad) Nov 12, 2013
faisalabad weather is too good in winter, I want to go there but not know about best hotels in faisalabad, koi bata sakta hay kay achay aur cheap rates hotel kay names?
ahmar (Faisalabad) Sep 15, 2013
very nice day
Rana waqas (Jaranawala) Aug 29, 2013
Aaj mosm bohat acha ha .Allah rahmat ki barish aata karay.(AMEEN).; Rana waqas . Thuresday.29.
Hannan Zahoor (Faisalabad) Jul 22, 2013
Faisalabad is a cursed city. People really don't care if it's raining or not. They all call it "Allah ki Marzi" but no body try to find out why is it Allah ki marzi and why can't we change it? We are all Faisalabadies, undutiful to Allah. keep on saying "Astagfirullah". May all pleased with us.
DILSHAAD ALI (Faisalabad ) Jun 04, 2013
Allah Huma Agirni MinanNaar Garmi Garmi kehny ki bajay ye dua parhain
rehana (Faislabad ) Jun 03, 2013
i dont care weather bcz its my city, i love fsd
MALOOK (karachi) Apr 30, 2013
shoaib shor koti (fsd) Mar 13, 2013
faslon ka faida he Allah ki rehmat he khas tor per gandom ki fasal ka bara faida he
Dr Rana Masood Ahmad (Faisalabad) Mar 10, 2013
I love my Faisalabad. It has all season like summer, winter, autumn. I listen there will be load shedding of gas in December & January. We all face this difficulty in that months which create so many problems for all of us like study of children will disturb, cooking for women will disturb, so it is requested that please do hesitate load shedding of gas for this beautiful city and human beings women children specially. thanks. I love my Faisalabad
ShahbazGhauri (Faisalabad) Feb 15, 2013
today remantic weather in Faisalabad 15-02-13
M Khalid (Faisalabad) Feb 02, 2013
those caught in problem when start raining tomorrow. ful maza aye ga jab barat per barish aye gee
Tajammal Hussain (Faisalabad) Jan 08, 2013
Aamir nazir (Faisalabad) Jan 07, 2013
Ilove my city..even pakistan...we live in fsd since last 28 years..most beauiful city..he gave us a ttuumendis opporchuntiy for living and working here...i shall be thank full all who related me and my work also....and also good wether is present here.............
waqas (lahore) Jan 07, 2013
FSD is good but job-wise i dn think so its reliable !! but city is the best peace city in the world ! waqas gill
Abrar Mahboob (faisalabad) Jan 05, 2013
i spent my life in many cities of world and still in travel. but the city like faisalabad i love it, it is calm as well has all the best facilities available in pakistan, infact it is very easy to settle in faisalabad.
usman shehzada (faisalabad) Dec 28, 2012
I love Faisalabad.i was born in Faisalabad. May Allah protect Faisalabad from all terrorism
belu (faisalabad) Dec 24, 2012
faisalabad is beautiful city.the weather is cute lovely and coo0o0ooo0l.i live in fsd i also born in fsd i love my faisalabad..............
(Faisalabad) Dec 09, 2012
I like the faisalabad m0st .cooo0ool co0o0o0l city bcoz i am also belong to fsd. a lot of thnks to Allah For this blessings.i pray to Allah for the saifty of may loving fsd & pakistan also.
Ammara (Faisalabad) Nov 10, 2012
Faisalabad is beautiful city and i love my city my forfather lives in this city and i also born in this city
amjad awan (jeddah ) Sep 20, 2012
i miss my Faisalabad always i love my city fsd i born in Faisalabad living and working Saudi Arabia more then 20 years but i still feeling i ' am in Faisalabad i go every year there in October and November this as best weather is so cute and so lovely
G ALI ANJUM (usk,fsd punjab pak) Sep 20, 2012
khurrianwala district faisalabad is very beautiful city.i love my sweet is so cute and so lovely now.i am g ali anjum from khurrianwala FSD.
() Sep 08, 2012
Ya Allah Hum Py Reham farma or Humary Gunah Maf Farma,or Hum Par Sirf Apni Remat ki Barish Atta Farma, Beshak Tu Maf or Reham karny wala Hy,
ahsanraza (faisalabad) Sep 04, 2012
i love my sweet city faisalabad . this weather is so cute and so lovely
hadi roy (tandlianwala) Aug 27, 2012
tandlianwala is very beautiful city
farhan (faisalabad gr8 city) Aug 23, 2012
Faisalabad is very good weather
Gulzar (Faisalabad) Aug 23, 2012
Barish ho Rehmat wali and hamara sewarage system bardash kar skay
Muhammad Asif () Aug 22, 2012
due to warm season in Faisalabad we live in home on eid days. there is not heavy rain in our city. total Ramadan is so much sunny. we pray for rain in Faisalabad city.
rashid ali (faisalabad) Aug 19, 2012
hi I am Rashid Ali from Faisalabad happy Eid day to every one in Faisalabad. Please pray to GOD for rain.
asif naveed (faisalabad) Aug 16, 2012
hi every body I am asif naveed happy EID to all Muslim Faisalabad weather is so nice and cloudy today Faisalabad people are so good and hostility
dr. khalid mahmood anjum (faisal abad) Aug 10, 2012
barish ho mgr rehmat wali
Shahbaz Awan (Faisalabad) Aug 04, 2012
Malik Rehmat Ki Barish Day Aameen
abdul (mamunkanjan) Aug 04, 2012
the weather of mamun kanjan is so good.and i love mamunkanjan. it is a beautiful city.
niaz ahmed (jaranwala) Aug 04, 2012
tamam muslman namaz istasqa paren or toba astagfaar kasrat se karen
Nomi (Faisalabad) Aug 02, 2012
o pai jaan main v Faisalabad da wa. te Allah pak ko duaa kro k ithey baarish pay jaye........... Aamin. Thowada beeli te sajan Nomi Jalayea
Asif Naveed (Faisalabad) Jul 27, 2012
i belong to Faisalabad. It is a second big city by business in Pakistan. there people are very hosptilty and respected.
ammad (toba tek singh) Jul 27, 2012
toba tek singh is a good city. weather of today is very sunn
() Jul 13, 2012
very good information
Dr,Mohammad Iqbal (Faisalabad.) Jul 12, 2012
I love my Faisalabad. It has all season like summer, winter, autumn. I listen there will be load shedding of gas in December & January. We all face this difficulty in that months which create so many problems for all of us like study of children will disturb, cooking for women will disturb, so it is requested that please do hesitate load shedding of gas for this beautiful city and human beings women children specially. thanks. I love my Faisalabad
Ahmad (Faisalabad) (Faislaabad) Jul 10, 2012
Faisalabad is a good city. today weather of Faisalabad is so good.
MUDASSAR (Faislabad) Jul 04, 2012
Grmia to as usual e hain but load shedding ny mt mar di a:(
Muhammad Nasir Bari (Faisalabad) Jul 04, 2012
Weather of Faisalabad (Lyallpur) remains hottest but 40 years back there was so greenery around the city but now spreading of residential limits sweep away all plants & agricultural lands. Industry as well as transport badly affects on the environment.Now we have to face the bad effects of modern touches of our life.
Naveed Samar (Faisalabad) Jun 20, 2012
Friends ! Allah Pak ki khas rehmat hi keh Faisalabad main moasam garam hi jiski waja sy Dangue machar nahi , Allah Pak hamray Faisalabad aur Pakistan py apni khas Rehmatain Nazal Framaye . AMEEN
riffat (toronto) Jun 11, 2012
i do,t care the weather i love faisalabad because its my city.
sidra mehboob (karachi) May 10, 2012
faisalabad Weather has always inspired me but only in winterss..:P garmiyoun may to bura haal hojata hai..last year main gaye the.. so I had to go there in mid 0f july till end of August... that was really a bad experience coz wahan garmiyan ziada parti hain compare to other cities like karachi...
saqlain shah (faisalabad) Apr 25, 2012
yahan ka weather not good because not proper swerage line when rain.
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shahid chaudhary on Muzaffarabad
Aj hattian Bala ma boht barish ore sirdi ha

Umair on Peshawar
Peshawar temperature is not so high as in Karachi. They are in peace while Karachi is burning due to lots of hotness. Daily we observe more than 35 degree plus temperature in Karachi.

Mr Ali on Jaranwala
Jaranwala weather is changed, now Jaranwala temperature is going to high.

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