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dera ghazi khan Weather Updates

Dera Ghazi Khan is geographically the central city of Pakistan. It is situated at the junction of all four provinces of Pakistan. This city has large number of natural resources such as iron, gypsum, marble; limestone, cement, precious stones, uranium, coal and petroleum and gas reserves are produced. Mostly climate conditions occur in this city. The climate is quite cold in winter and very hot in summer season. The recorded temperature of summer is approximately 46 °Celsius (115 °Fahrenheit) and in the winter season the temperature fall down at 4 °Celsius (40 ° Fahrenheit). In summer season DG Khan usually face storms and high winds due to the peaks of Koh e Suleman Mountains and grubby soil of region. Snow fall has also reported in the season of winter in this city.
Feels like: °
High 22°  Low 7°
Dera Ghazi Khan Weather Forecast
Visibility km Wind km/h Dew Point °C
Humidity % Sunrise 04:12 Sunset 14:45
Moonrise ----- Moonset -----

dera ghazi khan Weather 5 Days Forecast

A couple of afternoon showers
Hi 18° | Lo 11°
A couple of morning showers
Hi 16° | Lo 5°
Hazy sunshine
Hi 19° | Lo 4°
Hazy sunshine
Hi 18° | Lo 5°
Hazy sunshine
Hi 19° | Lo 4°
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Sana ullah (DG Khan) Mar 28, 2017
DG Khan weather is going to hot now a days, gandum ki fasal is sal ache hona ka imkan ha
คђ๓เเเ кђคภ (DG khan) Mar 14, 2017
Today DG khan rainy weather
Abu Habib khan Ahmadani (Ara jaffar D g khan) Jan 25, 2017
Sweet weather in D G khan
محمدسعد (D G KHAN) Jan 21, 2017
Muhammad Ahmad Aziz khosa (Yaroo khosa D.G.khan) Jan 06, 2017
Today is fogy weather and so cool in Yaroo khosa
چک نو آباد.کوٹ مبارک () Sep 01, 2016
آج موسم خوشگوار ھے
meer (dera ghazi khan) Jul 15, 2016
DG.khan cool temreature an DG.khan weather very nice with rainy
faisal mir (dgkhan) Jul 09, 2016
huge rain last night at Dera Ghazi Khan, when will till continues Dera Ghazi Khan rainy weather.
D.K (dera gazi khan) Jul 04, 2016
DG.khan hot temreature an dgkhan woman very nice cute people girls love it dgkhan womans very nice
Ghulam Shabbir (Dera ghazi Khan) Jul 03, 2016
Dera Ghazi Khan going to batter then last week, little rain at dg khan.
faisal maddi (d.g khan) Jun 30, 2016
Dera gazi khan temperature very hot.
Hamza Khan (Dera Ghazi Khan) Jun 30, 2016
Aj Dera Ghazi Khan main Ghazab ki garmi hai
DGKHAN (605231) Jun 29, 2016
آج جک نوآباد میں سخت گرمی ھے.
Asif rehman (Dera ghazi khan city ) May 29, 2016
DG Khan temperature is down this week, last week Dera Ghazi Khan temperature was to high in month of May.
چک نوآباد (ڈیرھ) May 26, 2016
آج بارشںھوئی
Amjad (Shadan lund d.g.khan) May 08, 2016
this week weather of Dera Ghazi Khan has little change as campair last week, kindly update the rain status at DG khan weather.
Asif Hameed (D G Khan) May 03, 2016
d g khan m abi tezz hawa k sath halki barish
moosa (DG khan) Mar 28, 2016
now Dera Ghazi Khan weather spring started and after few days heavy hot weather will also start at DG khan
junaidahmad (D G Khan) Mar 10, 2016
I love DG Khan and Pakistan.
uzair (Dera Ghazi Khan) Jan 26, 2016
very very cold and foge weather of DG khan, moring time can not sea clearly.
Hasnain Shah (Taunsa Sharif) Jan 20, 2016
Taunsa men dondh ki vaja sy kafi perashani ka samna hy, kab tak dondh rahyyy gi.
Zeeshan (muzaffar garh) Jan 16, 2016
Dera Ghazi Khan weather now change, winter seasen now change, and summer weather could be start.
Hanif (Dera Ghazi Khan) Jan 11, 2016
DG khan weather is little cold, but this time no chance rain at Dera Ghazi Khan.
faraz (DG Khan) Nov 02, 2015
It is cold weather at Dera Ghazi Khan, little cold weather DG Khan in night and early morning now a days.
waseem (d.g.khan) Aug 23, 2015
Its nice and beautiful weather at Dera Ghazi Khan, often I go out the city from DG khan due to summer hot weather but this year out class weather Dera Ghazi Khan.
kazim (Dera Ghazi Khan) Aug 01, 2015
its again flood in Dera Ghazi Khan and rajan pur.
juma khan laghari bhutta colony d.g.khan (d.g.khan bhutta colony) Aug 01, 2015
Rains also acpected for next day also. the situation of d.g khan is like floody in city area the severage water may be accure flood and western hill torrent wadoor now in this time flowing with one lac cusic water. plz pray for all thanks. juma khan laghari bhutta colony d.g.khan
khalil ahmad piradil dgk (Pir adill) Jul 28, 2015
Tadoy weather veery could now rain start enjoy now
Ashraf Haneef Qureshi (Dear Ghazi khan) Jul 27, 2015
Now a days flood in Dera Ghazi Khan, and some time rain also in DG khan.
abdul jabbar (D.G.Khan) Jul 21, 2015
What is the current flood position in Dera Ghazi Khan in next five days.
shahid jalbani (DG Khan) Jul 12, 2015
Dera Ghazi Khan weather change by daily basis, Last 2 before very hot days and today little cloudy ana rain at DG khan.
zafar (DG Khan) Jul 08, 2015
Happy Rainy weather in Dera Ghazi Khan.
M.AHMED AZIZ UMRANI (Yaroo khosa DGKHAN) Jul 03, 2015
These days weather of dgkhan is very hot but pri moon soon also make the weather pleasent
Abdul rahman (Dgkhan) Jun 30, 2015
irshad wadani (d.g khan) Jun 28, 2015
Today very hot weather weather in dg khan. All people pry for heavy rain.
rashidraheem (D.G.khan) Jun 22, 2015
D.G.khan is the best city of Pakistan I love dg.khan
noor hassan mazari (rojhan mazari) Jun 17, 2015
dgk wo shehr hai jahan py maira best friend yani bhai hai maira arif bilal slam brother... dgk walo sunday & monday ko ap k shehr rain ho ga....
waseem khan (D G Khan) Apr 29, 2015
dera phula da sehra
Kamran (DG Khan) Apr 29, 2015
Dera Ghazi Khan is city of near River, so some time we enjoy summer weather in D G Khan, Some time we are facing load shading problem in Summer weather.
Noman (DG Khan) Apr 25, 2015
Today Dera Ghazi Khan weather is rainy weather, hope full today rain forecast in DG Khan.
Hamza (Dera Ghazi Khan) Apr 23, 2015
After a long long time i have checked temperature of DG Khan today on Weather page of Now a days it is seeming like Dera Ghazi Khan is burning. I think in the afternoon the temperature reached at at least 40 degree in DG Khan.
Saleem Hayatani (Dera Ghazi khan) Apr 09, 2015
Friends dua karo ky rain na ho because ye weats ky catny ka waqt hy
bilal ahmad gorchani (rajanpur) Apr 03, 2015
Ya Allah rahmat k rain barsa frieds duwa kro k aj kl logo k weats pakay howa haain agar rain howay to faslon ka nuksan ho sakta hai.
Zaheer Tariq (yaroo khosa dg khan) Mar 13, 2015
Today weather is very nice I like this weather
azad baloch (dg khan) Feb 19, 2015
Very nice and cool station. I like it dg khan walo mazy low.
Abdul ghafoor (Taunsa Sharif) Feb 12, 2015
Allah ke rehmatain ALLAH kay hukmoon ko ALLAH kay Habib (SAW) kay tariqoon per poora karany say nazil hoti hain. insaan traqi ker kay dejaal to ban sakta hai magr kamybi surf aur sirf ALLAH kay pass hai. Lehaza hum sab ALLAH say taulaaq bana lain aur ALLAH kay agay jhuk jain. JAZAK ALLAH.
mohamad asif (Dera Ghazi khan) Feb 06, 2015
ya Allah khair ki rhmat barsa azad baloch yaroo khosa DGKHAN
Abdul Aziz khosa (yarookhosa DG khan) Jan 29, 2015
These days weather of dgkhan is cool but not extreme cool i like winter season but in dgkhan winter duration is short but overall i enjoy four nature seasons in dgkhan and i love my city
ya Allah fog ko khtam kr dy. Dera Ghazi Khan main or All Pakistan, to cold weather of DG Khan.
Ahmed Aziz khosa (D G khan) Dec 21, 2014
These days weather of dgkhan is extremly cold due to fog but i like this weather particularly in the month of Decmber
Altaf Hussain Buzdar (Kot Chutta) Dec 18, 2014
Today weather is very cold at Kot Chutta,Basti Buzdar.
shenti mano (koh sulaiman) Nov 24, 2014
my golden memories are attached with dgk. in dgk weather is little bit cold in these days
Arfat Lodhi (D.G.Khan) Sep 05, 2014
Today is weather very hot
Zahid (Lahore weather urduwire) Aug 16, 2014
The temperature was I think at night in Lahore as I was in Lahore. There was cool breeze in Lahore. Here on the website urduwire there many weathers are being shown.
Irshad hussain (D.g.khan) Jul 28, 2014
Ya Allah rehmat ki barish barsa ameen
Iqbal Hussain Birmani (D.G.Khan(Choti Zareen)) Jul 14, 2014
Yah Allah Roozy daroon per rehmat farma....
Iqbalhussain (D.G.Khan) Jul 05, 2014
Ya Allah! Apni Rehmat farma -Ameen summa ameen
iqbal hussain birmani (D.G.Khan) Jul 04, 2014
aaj barish ho gi
Meer Hassan Leghari (D.G.Khan) Jun 18, 2014
Its to hot weather now a days in Punjab, thare is no chance of rain and no chance of temperature low.
kanwal (dera ghazi khan) Jun 12, 2014
i love my city D.G.khan but its too hot now a days.
AHsan YOusuf (D.G.Khan) May 17, 2014
I Love D.G.Khan
Aqeel Hussain (Dera Ghazi Khan) May 05, 2014
I live in D G Khan and my home city.I m jobholder and works in EFU Life Assurance as Branch admin.
Asim Khoosa (D G Khan) Apr 25, 2014
D G Khan city weather is now a days is hot and temperature of Dera Gazi Khan is going to heigh and hot day by day, when rain start is D G Khan and weather will going to well.
Aslam (Lahore) Apr 23, 2014
According to my family my father belonged to Dera Ghazi Khan and I think that this city is located some where near Khewra salt mines. This area is developed but not more as I have listened. Further the temperature shown over here at is 30 and in my view this is moderate not much cold and not much hot.
tariq basheer 03126717669 (dg khan) Feb 01, 2014
Tariq basheer khosa tunsa sharif
Usman (D.G Khan) Nov 13, 2013
i wish that it will be snow at this winter in Dera Ghazi Khan, because i love snow, it has been a long time since i go Muree to enjoy snow...
nofil ([email protected]) Nov 13, 2013
d g khan weather ajj kal tu sunny hai but itne garmi tu nahi hogi mousam tu set hogaya hai sb jaga ka khi main kb sardia aingi lash wali
shakir (d g khan) Aug 17, 2013
mosam asa hi rahy lodshading to nahi ho rahi
Iqbal Hussain Birmani (D.G.Khan) Aug 12, 2013
Ay Allah rahmat ki barish barsa
Iqbal Hussain Birmani (D.G.Khan) Jul 30, 2013
ay Khuda rahmat farma hum bandu per
anwar jan (dera ghazi khan) Jun 30, 2013
I love my d g khan and fort munroo
haseeb aslam (Dera Ghazi khan) Jun 14, 2013
dgkhan pakistan zinda bad
Iqbal Hussain Birmani (D.G.Khan) Jun 10, 2013
I love Pakistan
Iqbal Hussain Birmani (Choti Zareen) Jun 08, 2013
God bless to all muslium
rizwan lond (d g khan) May 24, 2013
its very hot today in dera ghazi khan
rizwan lond (d g khan) May 21, 2013
i love dg khan
Shabbir Ahmad Mehar Bukhsh (U.A.E Dubai) Apr 26, 2013
D G Khan is my city
haseeb aslam (dera ghazi khan) Apr 25, 2013
Good updates
saif ullah buzdar (D.G. Khan Choti Zaireen) Apr 20, 2013
D. G. khan is a productive city from agriculture point of view but mostly crops are damage due to floods water coming from kuhay suleman mountain.Farmers are badly effected and live in poorly. It is my request to Govt. of Punjab to protect the farmer community from floods and manage the flood water by making proper reservoir and dames.
mehdi raza (dgk) Apr 17, 2013
i love dgk and his peoples
mujahid hussain (D.G.khan) Mar 13, 2013
d.g.khan is our heart & no one damege their heart,it is not wrong if i say"love is life and d.g.khan is our love"
Abdul sattar Ahmad Ani () Feb 26, 2013
D.g.khan is a big city and is located in the center of pakistan.pull dot in d.g.khan is junction of four d.g.khan is a buety full city.I love my city
Iqbal Hussain Birmani (D.G.Kan) Jan 11, 2013
D.G.Khan is very poor city.people lives in this area are very simple. They cannot bear summer and winter season due to poverty.Mostly peoples are low income and daily wages.No Industry is available in this area. Please approach to Government of Pakistan and Punjab for instillation of Industries and Mega projects to use water of Mighty Indus Indus and stone etc of Koh-e-Suleman range, so children can enjoy after completion of education
Mateen lund Advocate (DG khan) Sep 14, 2012
DG KHAN is now affected areas by flood v much
AQEEL AHMAD (D.G.Khan) Jul 24, 2012
My name is Aqeel Ahmad I live in d.g.khan
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According to the information above , the weather of Islamabad will be normal hot with a clouds which will not cause more hotness . This year the weather of all Pakistan have been great so far . Rainfall is fulifilling peoples need as well as needs of farmers .

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